10 Best Card Magic Tricks Revealed! (with video)

Card magic tricks are so great – you can have just one deck of playing cards in our pocket and perform thousands of amazing tricks, make your friends and family laugh, or amaze them with your skills!

We will teach you how to do the following 10 Amazing Card Magic tricks:

  1. Cards from Mouth
  2. Shake change
  3. Card Vanish and Production
  4. Multiple Card Production
  5. Pen Through Card and Finger
  6. Signed Card to Pocket
  7. The Four Ace Miracle
  8. Torn and Restored Card
  9. Impossible Card Catch
  10. Playing Card Through Thumb

It does not matter on what skill level or how experienced you currently are with card magic – the tricks were carefully selected to cover all skill levels.

You will find here tricks that are very easy to do and suitable for beginners and also tricks that will require some practice to master them.

The tutorial video will explain each trick step by step so that you understand the principle quickly – the only thing you need to do is to grab your deck of playing cards and practice!

TUTORIAL VIDEO – 10 Best Card Magic Tricks

1. Cards from Mouth

This is an interesting card trick that is very fun to perform and always gets great and reactions.

Cards from mouth magic trick


  1. On the beginning of the trick show the cards to the spectator
  2. Wave with your hands and let the cards vanish – in reality, hide them behind your palm (the movement of your hands will cover this action)
  3. Now cover your mouth with the hand that is hiding the cards and place them quickly inside the mouth
  4. Produce the cards from your mouth and show them to your spectators

This trick will for sure surprise your audience. We recommend you training this trick in front of the mirror to make it look realistic.

2. Shake Change

This is an excellent trick for beginners – it requires only a few cards, just a little practice and the effect is pretty stunning.

The secret of this trick is using an old principle that is well known in magic: “Large action arrest small action.”

Shake Change Card Magic Trick


  1. Take four playing cards
  2. Show them to the spectator – hide the last card so that your audience will see that you have only three playing cards; one playing card will stay hidden
  3. Hold the cards in your hand and start shaking them (this will cover the movement that you’ll do in next step)
  4. When shaking the cards, simply move the hidden card with one of your fingers in the center – it will cover the card that was originally in the middle
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3. Card Vanish and Production

This is one of the most common card tricks that you can see performed on TV (even in the famous movie “Now You See Me”).

Movement of the hand covers hiding and production of the playing card.

Card Vanish Magic Trick


  1. Take one playing card and show it to your audience
  2. Wave with your hand to cover the next action
  3. Hide the card behind your palm – bend your middle finger and ring finger and hold the card with your index finger and little finger
  4. When you straighten your hand, the card will naturally hide behind it
  5. To produce the card back, simply reverse the procedure

4. Multiple Card Production

Multiple Card Production is a trick that will make your audience say “WOW” over and over again.

The secret of this trick lies in proper placement of several playing cards in your hands and taking them one by one so that to spectators it looks like you produce one card after another seemingly from nowhere.

Card magic trick


  1. Take 5 – 7 playing cards
  2. Show empty hands to the spectator – in reality, connect your hands together and hide playing cards behind them
  3. Now, start taking one card after another and dropping them on the floor – always take the top card in the deck, buckle it with your index finger so that you can then grab it with your little finger
  4. Continue till you exhaust all cards

5. Pen Through Card and Finger

Here is an interesting and effective card magic trick that is easy to perform!

This beautiful effect creates a stunning and realistic pen through finger penetration illusion that requires just a little training – this trick is, therefore, suitable also for beginners.

Pen through finger trick


  1. Prepare a pen (or anything sharp) and make sure it’s in a vertical position
  2. Take one playing card and place it on top of your middle finger
  3. To create an illusion of pen penetration through the finger and a playing card, be prepared to bend the middle finger at a suitable moment and “connect” it with the middle finger of our opposite hand – this is better described in the video tutorial
  4. Penetrate the pen through the card – it will also look like the finger was penetrated as well

6. Signed Card To Pocket

You ask the spectator to pick any card and sign it (it’s not necessary to sign the card but the effect is then even more amazing).

After the deck is shuffled, reach into your pocket and take out the signed card!

This is an intermediate card trick – practice this carefully, perhaps in front of the mirror to make it look perfect.

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Signed Card to Pocket


  1. Ask the spectator to select a card, sign it and return into the deck
  2. Control the selected card to the bottom of the deck using your favorite method (one quick method is shown in the video)
  3. Shuffle the deck and control the card to top position – casually shuffle the cards and make sure that the bottom card is the last one that is left and then just put it to top of the deck
  4. Now comes the hardest part – you need to palm the top playing card. To do that, cover the deck with your hand, secretly take the top card and hide it in your palm
  5. Reach to your pocket (hiding the selected card in your palm) and pretend that you’re taking the selected card out of the pocket

7. The Four Ace Miracle

Playing cards are thoroughly shuffled and you deal four hands of playing cards (four cards in each hand).

Although the cards were shuffled, you deal yourself with all four Aces!

The secret to this trick is in simple setup and card shuffle that will place the Aces to the right position for the grand finale.

Four Aces Card Magic Trick


  1. Take four Aces and place them to the bottom of the deck
  2. Shuffle the cards as shown in the video; this will change the position of the Aces and place the to the right spot
  3. Deal four hands of playing cards (four cards in each hand)
  4. Reveal that all fours Aces are in your hand!

8. Torn and Restored Card

There are many ways how to perform the Torn and Restored Card effect.

The version shown in the video is one of the easiest methods of how to do this trick.

Torn and Restored card


  1. As for preparation, tear the corner of one playing card in advance, before showing the trick to anybody
  2. Hide the torn corner behind the card that you will tear in front of the spectator
  3. Show the card to spectator and start bending its corner
  4. At the right moment slide the prepared corner and replace the real corner of the card
  5. Pretend that you’re tearing the corner of the card
  6. Hide the torn corner in your hand
  7. Show that the card is restored

9. Impossible Card Catch

Impromptu card magic trick that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Card Catching magic trick


  1. Ask the spectator to choose any playing card
  2. Return the card back into the deck – move it a little bit to the side so its corner is overlapping slightly
  3. Use the overlapping corner to turn the card by 180 degrees – hide this move with the other hand so that it’s not visible to spectators
  4. Spring the cards and in the right moment just reach in and take the card
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10. Playing Card Through Thumb

Visible penetration of the playing card through thumb – an amazing effect that will astonish your spectators.

Card through thumb


This is the only card trick from the list that requires gimmicks to be made.

You can make these gimmicks on your own – follow the tutorial video that will teach you how to create and use the gimmicks and that will reveal the secret of this trick to you.

BONUS TRICK: Thee Cards Miracle

At the end of the video, there is one more secret card trick that is fun to perform so we recommend watching the video till the very end.

There are only three cards needed for this trick and yet you’ll be able to amaze your audience.

The secret to this trick is in sleight of hands that you need to remember and perform step by step.

Three Cards Miracle


  1. Prepare three different cards; don’t show to the spectator to see what cards you have
  2. Show the bottom card to spectator and peel off the top card – repeat this till you exhaust all cards (this will create an illusion that you have three cards of same value and suit)
  3. Take the top two cards as one and place them to the bottom
  4. Perform double lift (turn over two cards as one) and place the top card to the bottom
  5. For convince the audience that you have three same cards, show the top card to the spectator
  6. Take the top two cards as one and place them to bottom
  7. Perform another double lift
  8. Snap your fingers and show the bottom card to the spectator – now, they will see different card
  9. Now you basically repeat the same procedure with the second and third card as well

Final words

Tricks in this article and video were carefully selected to suit all skill levels.

It does not matter if you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced magician – you should always find here at least a few tricks that you can easily add into your repertoire.

Don’t forget that each trick needs to be trained before showing it to a real audience; even if you think that the trick is easy to perform, its best to go thru the routine several times to gain confidence.

Learn all sleights needed for the tricks, plan what you will be saying during the routine, and of course adjust the tricks to suit your style.

Have fun and amaze your audience!

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