10 Best Rope Magic Tricks Revealed! (With Video)

I love performing rope magic tricks for many reasons.

There is a huge variety of tricks that you can perform with ropes, starting from very simple tricks for beginners, and ending with quite difficult tricks that will require some practice.

Rope magic tricks are entertaining for the audience and develop your creativity and dexterity.

How to perform rope magic tricks? You need to train to make them perfect – here are the 10 Best Rope Magic Tricks that you can learn today thanks to a detailed step by step video tutorial:

  1. Travelling Knot
  2. Ring And Rope Penetration
  3. Ring To Magic Wand Transpo
  4. Two Ropes Through Neck
  5. Cut And Restored Rope
  6. Ring To Knot Penetration
  7. Impossible Rope Miracle
  8. Restored Rope Magic Trick
  9. Rope Through Neck Trick
  10. Invisible Scissors

Rope Magic Tricks Revealed Step by Step

The following video tutorial will teach you the 10 Best Rope magic tricks I know.

You can watch this video that contains all tricks, or watch them one by one in separate videos below where I break them down a little bit.

1. Travelling Knot

The Travelling knot is an amazing and visual magic trick that you can perform with a rope.

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Imagine that you tie a knot and you’re then visibly able to relocate it to any spot on the rope!

The principle behind this trick is very simple and easy to understand.

Just follow step by step instructions in the video below.

2. Ring And Rope Penetration

Highly effective and visually pleasing magic trick with impossible effect.

That’s how I’d describe this trick in just a few words.

All you need to do is to follow step by step instructions in the video below.

This effect looks like a true miracle!

3. Ring To Magic Wand Transpo

For this trick, you’ll need a magic wand, rope, and finger ring.

Imagine that you’re able to magically transport a finger ring from rope to the wand!

This trick requires precise handling and that’s why it takes some time to master it.

Once you learn it, you have a true miracle in your hands!

4. Two Ropes Through Neck

Rope through neck magic tricks are very popular.

In this variation, you’ll penetrate two ropes through your neck!

This trick requires just a little preparation, the rest is pretty straightforward.

A very effective trick to perform!

5. Cut And Restored Rope

Here is another effective rope trick that is actually fun to perform!

You take out scissors, visibly cut the rope, and then you magically restore it!

A perfect trick to perform on any occasion.

You end up clean so the spectator can examine everything!

6. Ring to Knot Penetration

Next trick that you’ll learn looks like a true miracle.

First, you create a knot in the middle of the rope in a very quick and magical way.

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Then you take a ring the impossibly penetrate it inside the knot!

Both phases are very easy to perform so I’m sure that you’ll be able to learn it pretty quickly.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the video below.

7. Impossible Rope Miracle

This trick is so easy and so effective!

A truly mind-boggling trick that will leave your audience amazed!

8. Restored Rope Magic Trick

Here is another variation on the cut and restored rope magic trick.

In the first phase of the routine, you cut the rope with real scissors and then magically restore it in just a few seconds.

But the routine is not over yet…

Then you cut the rope again – but this time, you use just your fingers instead of the scissors!

A perfect trick to learn!

9. Rope Through Neck Trick

Are you looking for a quick and effective rope through neck magic trick?

You should then definitely not skip this one out…

It looks so impossible and yet, this trick is fairly easy to perform!

Check out the video below for step by step instructions.

10. Invisible Scissors

What if I’d tell you that you don’t need scissors to cut the rope?

Do you think it’s not possible?

Check out the video below to see that it’s possible and that’s actually very easy to achieve this effect!

Learn More Magic Tricks!

If you’re interested in learning more magic tricks, I prepared lists of the best YouTube Channels and websites where you can learn magic:

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I believe these lists will help you to find the right teachers and resources!

Final Thoughts

Most of the rope tricks that you learned from the videos are fairly easy to do, so they can be performed by any beginner.

Some tricks are more challenging and will require some practice.

Always remember to practice each trick thoroughly before performing to a real audience.

Learn the tricks, all sleights, and also know what you want to say during the performance.

The practice is the key.

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