10 Best Websites For Learning Magic Tricks (with links)!

Learning magic is becoming easier and easier.

There are more and more videos uploaded to YouTube that are revealing secrets to even the most “classified” magic tricks – even those that are performed on TV by TOP magicians in the world.

Of course, this is against the magic etiquette – you’ve probably heard that “Magician Never Reveals His Secret.”

But think about it – you can start with free resources that can be found across the web and on YouTube channels and then, when free resources are not enough for you, move to paid courses that are in most cases better structured than free resources.

In fact, this was exactly my own journey; I started with free resources and then switched to paid resources.

In my overview, I will list the best websites where you can learn magic – this will include both free and paid resources and you can decide what’s best for you!

Here is a list of 10 Best websites for learning magic tricks:

  1. NoWordsMagic.com
  2. CardTricksRevealed.com
  3. FreeMagicTricks4U.com
  4. MasterMentalism.com
  5. TheCardTrickTeacher.com
  6. eBooks.com
  7. InsideDeception.com
  8. Theory11.com
  9. Ellusionist.com
  10. Penguinmagic.com

1. NoWordsMagic

The website NoWordsMagic.com is linked to a YouTube channel Nadjib Haffaf.

Nadjib is an incredibly talented and versatile magician from Alegria and I think this is one of the best (and also one of the most underestimated) YouTube channels out there.

The beauty of this channel is that over 90% of the tricks are performed and explained without saying any words!

Explanations are always very easy to follow understand and this channel honestly deserves more attention and views.

What tricks you can learn there?

As said above, Nadjib is incredibly versatile and he is teaching all sorts of magic tricks – card tricks, coin tricks, rope magic tricks, ring magic tricks, stage illusions, levitation tricks, magic tricks with silk, paper, water, flowers…. you name it!

It’s great that there is also a simple website that can possibly help you with navigation through all categories, or you can simply use one of the playlists that are prepared for you on his YouTube channel.

I’m so excited about this YouTube channel and website – all tricks are FREE, visit this website, or YouTube channel today and you’ll be excited too!

Content Example

2. Cardtricksrevealed

In this case, it’s pretty clear what this website is about, right?

Card tricks are for sure the easiest way how to start with magic if you’re a beginner – in most cases, the only thing you really need is a deck of playing cards that you can easily find in almost any store and a bit of time and patience for practice.

Even if you’re completely new to magic and not familiar with any card sleights, you will still be able to perform amazing card miracles thanks to self-working tricks that work on mathematical principles and other easy card tricks that require no sleight of hands.

What tricks you can learn here?

Cardtricksrevealed.com is a website that is laser targetted to card magic tricks of all kinds – easy tricks, intermediate tricks, advanced tricks, prediction tricks, mentalism tricks, and much more!

The website is divided into several sections that will help you to navigate through all card tricks.

The tricks in the main categories are made/filmed by the same author but you should definitely not overlook videos from other authors that you can find in the menu – that means tricks from leading YouTube channels like 52Kards, Disturb Reality, Hester23Bearsch, or AMillionCardTricks.

There are more than 2.000 amazing card tricks that you can learn and the content is completely FREE so make sure to check this website today!

Content Example

3. FreeMagicTricks4U

Freemagictricks4u is an interesting website that combines free resources, a secret membership area with exclusive content, a simple magic store with magic tricks, and props and it is also a place where you can purchase eBooks written website creator Simon Crack (more details about eBooks below).

What tricks you can learn here?

Let’s break down each section of this website:

Free Magic Tricks

In the free magic tricks section, you’ll find coin tricks, card tricks, street magic tricks, mentalism tricks, or several short ebooks.

Most tricks are pretty easy to do, accompanied by short video or step by step photo tutorial.

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There are also 6 free eBooks to choose from – all very short and easy to follow, but some books require a password for accessing them (you’ll receive a password after free registration).

In general, the Free magic section is not bad, however, some of the videos are pretty old so its quality is not the best and there is not a lot of free tricks you can choose from.

I personally find the Membership area to be much more interesting.

Secret Membership Area

The Membership area is much more interesting – you can register here, and start exploring all exclusive tricks that you’ll find inside.

Immediately after the free registration, you’ll receive:

  • 3 eBook Magic Tricks for instant download
  • 16 Magic Videos
  • Access to a private Facebook group for members
  • Access to Upgrade bonuses and other effects
  • … and much more

Magic Monthly


If you’ll like the content of the Membership Area, and if you will decide that you want more content, you can always decide to upgrade to a Premium account to receive more tricks and exclusive bonuses.

Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks eBook

Mind-Blowing Magic Tricks eBook can be found on this link that will take you directly to the sales page where you can read all details about its content and also some examples of tricks that you can learn.

The price of this eBook is just $5.67 – that’s an amazing price for what you get!

Here are a few examples of tricks you can learn:

  • David Blaine’s signature effect
  • Pen through arm and String in neck effects
  • Arm Twist 360
  • Bottle Cap Levitation Trick
  • Signed Coin To Sealed Soda Can Trick
  • … and much more!

Mind Blowing Magic Tricks


Free Magic DVD

Here is something interesting – you can get a cool magic DVD that is jam-packed with magic tricks, completely for FREE!

Sounds too good to be true? You can check the details on this page.

Well, yes, it’s not completely free, because there is still shipping cost to be paid, but still – I find this to be a very good offer, especially considering all bonuses that we get together with this DVD.

Few examples from this DVD:

  • Pencil Through Coin Magic Trick
  • Zig Zag Card Trick
  • Coin Penetration Trick
  • Sponge Ball Magic
  • Classic Linking Rings Trick
  • … and much more!


Free Magic DVD



As you can see, this website is really complex and I tried to cover all its parts.

You can find here both free and paid premium content so I recommend you go and check the links and find what’s best for you!

4. MasterMentalism

MasterMentalism.com is an online training course that will teach you the secrets of mind-reading tricks and mentalism techniques.

Mentalism and Mind reading is one of my favorites areas of magic and I wrote the whole series of articles about it on this website.

What tricks you can learn here?

MasterMentalism is a very comprehensive online course that will take you through mentalism and mind-reading techniques step by step.

I wrote an entire review on this online training, so if you’re interested in learning more details, I’d recommend you check this review.

So, without going into too many details, here is just a short overview of what you can learn in this training:

  • Mentalism and Mind Reading tricks
  • Hypnotism
  • Levitation tricks
  • Card Tricks
  • Spoon Bending
  • … and much more!

Master mentalism is my favorite resource when comes to Mind Reading and Mentalism.

For more details, please check my in-depth review!

Master Mentalism


5. TheCardTrickTeacher

The website thecardtrickteacher.com is fully dedicated to card magic tricks.

The site is related to the legendary MisMag822 YouTube channel who was one of the first teachers of card magic tricks on YouTube.

That being said means that some of the videos are very old so its quality is not on the level that we would expect today.

Also, the site looks outdated and it would deserve a major design refresh.

The new videos on the YouTube channel are having very good quality and MisMag822 is a patient teacher who will teach you hundreds of card magic tricks!

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What tricks you can learn here?

It’s simple – you can learn card tricks on all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, self-working card tricks, impromptu tricks with no setup or complicated tricks that will take you a while to master.

Thecardtrickteacher and MisMag822 are one of the best learning sources when it comes to card magic.

The content of the website is completely free so make sure that you check it out today!


6. eBooks.com

eBooks.com is one of the biggest sellers of eBooks in the world.

This could be a surprising choice when it comes to listing websites where you can learn magic tricks but truth is that a lot of great magic tricks were created and described in books that are even a few decades old!

Many old magic tricks books are out of print so there is often no other choice than buy them as eBook!

Another reason why you should use eBooks is instant access to its content, portability, and lower price compared to traditional books.

Best Magic Tricks Books

I put together a list of 15 best magic tricks books that you can learn magic from, with links to each of them.

7. InsideDeception

InsideDeception.com is an online training center for all aspiring magicians.

This site was created by Jay Sankey – a popular magician who is also teaching magic tricks on his YouTube channel.

So yes, you can learn a lot of tricks from Jay Sankey for free on his YouTube channel but if that’s not enough for you, if you like his style and if you want to bring your magic to the next level, take a look at Inside Deception as well.

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What tricks you can learn here?

You can learn a huge variety of tricks, from card tricks, coin tricks to tricks with everyday objects.

You can choose from three levels of membership (Student / Graduate / Professional), each having different content and pricing – you can check the details here.

Content example

8. Theory11

Theory11 is one of the most known companies in the magic industry.

It’s producing their branded playing cards and magic tricks that you can buy, and you can also learn a lot of magic tricks from tutorial videos you can find on their marketplace.

What tricks you can learn here

You can learn various tricks, such as card tricks and coin tricks or card manipulations.

Some videos are free, some videos are paid.

You can also submit your own videos and potentially make money if somebody purchases your video.

9. Ellusionist

The story is nearly the same as in the case of previously discussed Theory11.

Ellusionist is one of the biggest companies in the magic industry – they produce their original playing cards and magic tricks.

You can purchase all these on their website and you can learn from their tutorial videos.

What tricks you can learn here?

The offering of tutorial videos is pretty wide – from classic card tricks and coin tricks to mentalism and stage magic tricks.

In case of interest just browse their catalog and find what’s best for you!

10. Penguin Magic

Penguin Magic is one of the biggest and also oldest magic shops in the United States.

They have hundreds of playing cards for sale and possibly thousands of tricks to buy or learn online – all tutorial videos can be found here.

What tricks you can learn here?

It’s simple – you can learn everything you can think of; card tricks, coin tricks, rope magic tricks, mentalism, stage magic tricks… and much more!

There are thousands of tutorials to choose from so you can spend hours by just browsing through the catalog!

How To Learn Magic?

Now I showed you the 10 best websites where you can learn magic and many links to check so you might be a bit overwhelmed.

I recommend you to start with free resources, especially the website NoWordsMagic.com and YouTube channel Nadjib Haffaf are great places to start.

If you’re interested mainly in card tricks, make sure to visit cardtricksrevealed.com where you’ll find many tricks to learn for free.

Then check the rest of the links and also paid courses that could possibly provide you better comfort in learning and some additional tips on how to work with the audience, psychology, how to train magic tricks, and similar kind of information that you normally don’t find in free resources.

Learning magic is, however, the same as learning anything else – it requires patience and training.

Start with easy tricks show them to your friends and family – I’ll see how great feeling it is to entertain people, make them laugh, and happy.

By showing first tricks to real people you’ll slowly start finding tricks that work best for you and you’ll also shape your personality as an entertainer – you’ll build your own style and you’ll become more and more confident.

Being confident is important for any magic performance. Make sure to train each trick several times before showing it to first spectators, use mirrors, or show them first to your closest friends and family members who can provide you feedback.


Magic is a great hobby that can be done professionally if you have a true passion and love for what you do.

There are many online resources to choose from and you don’t even have to leave your house to reveal secrets to even the biggest magic mysteries!

I hope you’ll find my selection of the best places where to learn magic helpful and I wish you the best in learning magic!

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