100 BEST Magic Tricks Revealed! (Video Tutorials)

If you’re searching for the best magic tricks to learn for free, this page has you covered.

You’ll learn more than 100 Best Magic Tricks –⁠ and you’ll learn them for free, thanks to detailed, easy to understand step by step video tutorials!

We’ll cover various categories in magic –⁠ card tricks, coin tricks, rope magic tricks, magic tricks with paper, easy tricks for beginners, advanced magic tricks, and much more!

Best Magic Tricks Revealed:

  • Easy Card Magic Tricks For Beginners
  • Easy Coin Magic Tricks For Beginners
  • Rope Magic Tricks
  • Magic Tricks With Paper
  • Advanced Card Tricks
  • Coin Tricks For Beginners And Advanced Magicians
  • Rope Through Neck Magic Tricks
  • Ring Magic Tricks
  • Levitation Magic Tricks
  • Escape Magic Tricks
  • Fire Magic Tricks
  • Card Tricks For Beginners And Advanced Magicians
  • Dove Magic Tricks
  • Miscellaneous Magic Tricks

Easy Card Magic Tricks For Beginners

If you’re just starting with magic, there is no better start than card tricks.

Thousands of card magic tricks were invented over the decades and many of them are suitable for beginners.

What I love about card magic is that you can have just one little deck of playing cards with you, in your pocket, and you can perform hundreds of magic tricks and amaze people.

The fact that the trick is easy does not mean that it’s less effective than an advanced trick –⁠ I know many professional magicians that have a lot of easy tricks in their repertoire.

The video below will teach you some of the best card magic tricks for beginners I know.

In most cases, you’ll not need anything more than a deck of playing cards, and some time to practice.

Easy Coin Magic Tricks For Beginners

Coin magic tricks are another favorite category in magic.

In most cases, you don’t need to buy any props –⁠ everyone has some coins in the wallet everywhere they go.

That means that you can perform magic anytime, anywhere, also with borrowed coins.

Problem is that many coin tricks require some kind of sleight of hand –⁠ coin vanish, coin palm or coin teleportation requires a skill that you need to practice.

We’ll touch on advanced coin tricks later but for now, let’s start with the easiest coin tricks that you can possibly learn.

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Coin tricks that you’ll learn from the video below do not require any sleight of hand so you’ll be able to learn them very quickly!

Rope Magic Tricks

Rope magic tricks are another favorite category in magic.

You can start with any suitable rope that you find at home and if you decide that these tricks are something that you’d like to take more seriously, you can invest around $10 in professional rope for magic tricks.

These tricks are amazing –⁠ some of them are pretty easy to do, some of them will require a good amount of practice before you start performing them.

If you find a trick that you like but it’s a bit advanced, I recommend you to be patient –⁠ the extra work and time you put into the training will pay off later!

Magic Tricks With Paper

Did you know that you can perform amazing magic tricks with paper?

If you did not try to perform any tricks with paper till today, I highly recommend you to watch the video below.

You’ll learn a lot of paper magic tricks, that are in most cases easy to perform and gets amazing reactions!

Most of the tricks require just paper and scissors –⁠ props that you probably have at home already.

Advanced Card Tricks

Do you want to learn something more advanced that will test your sleight of hand skills?

Advanced card magic tricks are here for you!

Learn the best amazing tricks with playing cards that you’ll need to practice a lot before performing them.

These tricks are not easy but I’m sure it will be easy to learn them thanks to the clear step by step instructions provided in the tutorial video below.

Coin Tricks For Beginners And Advanced Magicians

In one of the previous videos, you’ve learned the best easy coin magic tricks for beginners.

Now it’s time to level up and learn some more amazing coin tricks!

This time, the tricks in the video below are not always easy.

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You’ll need to practice to necessary sleights to make the performances flow nicely, and some tricks also require a little misdirection of the audience.

This is the overall selection of the best coin tricks –⁠ I’m sure that you’ll find here many tricks that you’ll love and enjoy performing!

Rope Through Neck Magic Tricks

Rope through neck magic tricks are fun tricks to perform that always get great reactions.

Some people even don’t believe their own eyes when seeing these tricks live!

They look really convincing and in most cases, you don’t need to even practice them for a long time.

If you like to perform rope magic tricks, you’ll love the tricks in the video below as well.

Ring Magic Tricks

Most people have rings – they wear them on their hands or they have some rings at least at home.

So, same as coins, rings are a great casual prop to use for performing magic tricks.

The video below will teach you several cool tricks that you can do with any ring – it can be your own ring or a ring borrowed from the spectator.

Levitation Magic Tricks

Levitation is a fascinating area of magic that always gets a great reaction and you can see them mostly performed on stage.

It’s not possible to perform this kind of tricks without gimmicks – you’ll need to either buy them or try to make them on your own.

But these tricks get so good reactions that it’s absolutely worth to invest your time or money.

Once you have everything needed, the only thing that is left to train each trick thoroughly.

If you’re interested in levitation magic tricks, the video below will teach you some of the greatest and most famous tricks that you can learn!

Escape Magic Tricks

You probably know the name, Harry Houdini.

He was famous mainly for his unbelievable escape magic tricks that he performed.

Do you want to be the next Houdini?

At least for your friends, family, or any other audience?

Check out the video below – you’ll learn a lot of easy to perform, and amazing escape magic tricks!

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Fire Magic Tricks

If you’re searching for something really visual, fire magic tricks are here for you.

Please, practice these tricks well before performing, and keep safety first!

The tutorial video below will teach you the best magic tricks with fire in easy to understand way.

Card Tricks For Beginners And Advanced Magicians

You already learned many card magic tricks from the videos above.

The video below contains a mixture of the best card magic tricks on all skill levels – easy, intermediate, and also advanced!

If you search for the best card tricks, this video has you covered!

Dove Magic Tricks

Although magic tricks with animals are on the decline these days, there are still magicians out there who can’t imagine their magic performance without doves.

Dove magic tricks are performed mainly by stage magicians and also by TV magicians.

These tricks are meant for experienced magicians who know what they’re doing and also how to handle and care about doves.

Miscellaneous Magic Tricks

We went over an incredible amount of magic tricks.

I’m sure that you’ve learned a lot of magic tricks already, but if you still want more, make sure to check also the video below.

It contains various tricks – card tricks, coin tricks, rope magic tricks, levitation tricks, and much more!

BONUS: Amazing Magic Tricks Performance!

As a little bonus, I prepared a surprise for you – an incredible performance of the best magic tricks!

Make sure to watch this till the end… it’s possibly the best homemade magic performance I’ve ever seen!

Final Words

You for sure noticed that all videos and tutorials are from one author.

I personally believe that the YouTube channel Nadjib Haffaf is one of the best channels for magic tricks in the world!

If you don’t know this channel yet, I highly recommend you to check it out today.

You’ll find there hundreds of great magic tricks that you can learn for free!

Remember that the key to success is good practice and audience management – practice each trick well, add your own personality, and I’m sure that you’ll become a successful magician.


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