20 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Magic Tricks (with links)!

YouTube is becoming a more and more popular place where to learning amazing magic tricks.

Imagine that you can learn thousands of magic tricks for free – this was not possible just 10 years ago!

Of course, this is against etiquette that all magicians should follow – you know true magician should never reveal the secret…

But these days, even professional magicians start teaching magic tricks online, simply because its a great place to share the knowledge, meet with fans and become more popular.

The problem that we can often see on YouTube is quality – anybody in the world can grab a camera or mobile phone and start teaching magic tricks.

After my previous article that focused on 10 Best Websites for Learning Magic Tricks, I will now take a closer look at YouTube Channels that are teaching magic tricks and recommend you the best channels to check and follow.

What are the best YouTube channels to learn magic tricks? Best YouTube Channels To Learn Magic Tricks Are:

  1. Nadjib Haffaf
  2. Magic Secrets Revealed
  3. Sankey Magic
  4. Mismag822
  5. EvanEraTV
  6. Free Magic Live
  7. Scam Nation (Scam School)
  8. SpideyHypnosis
  9. 52Kards
  10. Disturb Reality
  11. Exit707
  12. A Million Card Tricks
  13. Hester23BearsCH
  14. Rich Ferguson
  15. Alex Pandrea
  16. Xavior Spade
  17. Pig Cake
  18. MLT Magic Tricks
  19. Huu Trung
  20. Magic Orthodoxy

1. Nadjib Haffaf

Nadjib Haffaf is an incredibly talented magician from Alegria, who has an amazing YouTube channel that is full of amazing magic tricks and easy to follow tutorials!

Unlike most of the channels that are focused on just one or two areas in magic, Nadjib is versatile enough to teach you almost any trick you can imagine.

There is also a simple website NoWordsMagic.com related to this channel.

This is by far the best all-around YouTube channel that you can visit when it comes to learning magic tricks online!

Over 90% of tricks are explained only visually, without saying any words (that is why the website is called “NoWordsMagic”).

What tricks you can learn here?

Nadjib is teaching all areas of magic that you can imagine, for example:

  • Card tricks – easy, intermediate, and also advanced card magic tricks that you can perform just with a deck of playing cards
  • Coin tricks – mind-blowing coin tricks that you can start learning today with coins that you have in your pocket
  • Rope magic – a ton of tricks with ropes that will amaze you, your friends, and family
  • Stage magic tricks – best stage illusions, tricks with doves, flowers, fire, or CDs
  • Levitation tricks – learn how to make things levitate
  • Escape magic tricks – chain or rope escape magic tricks
  • Money magic tricks – mostly easy tricks with bills
  • Ring magic tricks – various tricks with ordinary rings or professional tricks with chines rings
  • Magic tricks with water – how to make water appear or disappear?
  • Paper magic tricks – easy to do and often surprising magic tricks with paper
  • … and much more!

If you think that I’m overly excited about this channel, then you’re right.

If you visit this YouTube channel, I promise you’ll be excited too!

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2. Magic Secrets Revealed

Do you know Masked Magician?

I’m sure that you have seen him somewhere on TV, or at least heard that there is some magician with a mask who reveals the most secret magic tricks…. and did you know that there is a YouTube channel where you can watch these tricks and learn them?

Magic Secrets Revealed YouTube channel will reveal the secrets of many magic tricks that you can see performed by TOP magicians on stage and on TV!

It’s a great channel for anybody who wants to know how the “big” illusions work!

What tricks you can learn here?

This channel is mainly focused on illusions that are often performed on stage or TV so you’ll learn some of the finest tricks, such as:

  • Classic Illusions – levitation tricks, how to saw a woman in half, dove/rabbit magic tricks, and more…
  • Mind-Blowing Illusions – how to walk through solid objects, walking on water, car vanish, etc…
  • Dangerous Magic Tricks – how to catch a bullet, how to hold the breath for 20 minutes, or various escape tricks
  • Sleight of Hands Tricks – floating bills, a sword through the card, or rope tricks
  • Scary Magic Tricks – the headless magician trick, Russian roulette trick, fire magic tricks
  • Escape Magic Tricks – how to escape from the cage, escape from steel drum full of water, Houdini’s water torture escape
  • Psychic Magic Tricks – spoon-bending or telepathy tricks
  • Vanishing Acts – how to vanish elephant, motorcycle, chair, or woman

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3. Sankey Magic

Jay Sankey is one of the well-recognized names in the Magic industry.

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He is known for cooperating with some of the best magicians in the world, such as David Blaine, Criss Angel or David Copperfield.

Jay likes to teach magic tricks with ordinary objects, such as spoons, rings, rubber bands, coins, or playing cards.

His YouTube channel is suitable for magicians on all skill levels, especially for beginner magicians as Jay is a very patient teacher who will walk you through easy trick step by step.

What tricks you can learn here?

As already mentioned, Jay enjoys working with ordinary items.

There are a lot of tricks that you can learn, such as:

  • Magic Tricks With Ordinary Items – tricks with cups, rubber bands, zip ties, rings, pens, peanuts, eggs, and much more!
  • Psychic Magic Tricks – mind reading, mind control, or hypnosis tricks
  • Coin Magic Tricks – signed coin tricks, the coin vanish tricks or coin roll tricks
  • Card Magic Tricks – original tricks with playing cards on all skill levels

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4. MisMag822

MisMagc822 is the “father” of teaching card tricks on YouTube.

It’s the channel I learned my first magic tricks from and I became a magician also thanks to this channel.

Card tricks are possibly the easiest type of magic to start with if you’re a beginner and you can learn more than 400 tricks on this channel.

What tricks you can learn here?

You will learn card tricks that are suitable for beginners and also advanced magicians:

  • Amazing Card Tricks – various tricks that require preparation, gimmicks, or sleight of hand
  • Easy and Self-working card tricks – tricks for beginners that are either easy to do or works on the mathematical principle
  • Interactive Tricks – tricks that are interactive, i.e. spelling tricks
  • Card Sleight Tutorials – false cuts, false shuffles, and basic techniques that you should know

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5. EvanEraTv

Are you looking for fun magic tricks, magic pranks, magic tricks for kids, or tricks that you can perform in school?

If yes, EvanEraTV is a channel that you should definitely pay attention to!

Evan is a fun performer who will teach you amazing tricks for any occasion!

What tricks you can learn here?

Evan is famous for his compilation videos, such as “How To Do 7 Magic Card Tricks,” “10 Magic Pranks To Do At Home,” or “10 Impossible Magic Tricks That You Can Do.”

So typically you’ll find more than one magic trick in one video.

Most of the tricks are fairly easy to do and fun to perform.

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6. Free Magic Live

Free Magic Live is a great YouTube channel that will teach you how to perform amazing magic tricks.

The channel is hosted by Jay Jay – a charismatic performer and patient teacher.

Most of the performances and explanations are done on the streets, where Jay Jay stops random people and performs magic for them.

What tricks you can learn here?

Jay Jay likes to perform card tricks, coin tricks, and magic with ordinary items, so this channel is perfect for learning:

  • Card Tricks – card tricks for any occasion, suitable also for street performance
  • Coin Tricks – tricks that you can perform with ordinary coins
  • Everyday Magic With Ordinary Objects – tricks with straws, napkins, rubber bands, etc.
  • Magic Tricks To Pick Up Chicks – self-explanatory
  • Magic Sleights and Cardistry – sleight of hand tutorials

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7. Scam Nation (Scam School)

Scam Nation is a perfect YouTube channel for anybody who is looking for tutorials on amazing bar tricks, “bets that you’ll always win,” and magic tricks in general.

The host of this channel – Brian Brushwood – is a fun performer and great teacher.

Most of the episodes are filmed in bars and restaurants, with real spectators.

What tricks you can learn here?

This channel is best if you’re searching for

  • Bar Tricks – tricks with ordinary items that you can find in pretty much any bar or restaurant
  • Tricks To Impress Anyone – great conversation openers, impressive and fun tricks
  • Magic Pranks – pranks that you can do thanks to slight of hands or clever principle that will fool the spectators
  • Bets That you’ll always win – do you want to bet and be sure that you’ll always win?

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8. SpideyHypnosis

SpideyHypnosis is a channel that is focused on Mind Reading, Mentalism, and Hypnosis.

TIP #1: Mind reading is my favorite area of magic and I wrote an entire series of articles about it on this website – check it out if this is something you’re interested in!

TIP #2: If you want to learn Mentalism and Mind reading, there is also a complex online course available that I can recommend to you. I also made a review of this course so you can check exactly what this course is about!

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What tricks you can learn here?

Spidey is mostly teaching the following tricks on his channel:

  • Mind Reading Tricks – learn how to appear like you can read other people’s minds, drawing duplication tricks, etc.
  • Prediction Tricks – mostly easy prediction tricks that you can learn fast!
  • Mind Tricks – mind control tricks and demonstration, memory tricks

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9. 52Kards

52Kards is another legendary YouTube channel that is teaching magic for many years!

Channel was founded in 2011 as a free online resource for all aspiring magicians.

Asad is a very calm and patient teacher who takes his time when teaching magic; each trick is explained in great detail.

TIP: All videos from the 52Kards YouTube channel can be found on this website.

What tricks you can learn here?

This channel is best if you’re searching for:

  • Card Sleights and Technique – detailed tutorials on essential card sleights, such as card controls or card productions
  • Card Tricks – tutorials for easy, intermediate, and advanced card tricks
  • Reviews – playing cards and magic tricks reviews

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10. Disturb Reality

Again, one of the classic YouTube channels that are around for many years.

Jarek 1:20 is a charismatic teacher who is willing to share knowledge with you through his videos.

And I’m not talking only about tutorials for magic tricks, but also about useful magic lessons, performance advice, and real-world tips and tricks.

TIP: All videos from the Disturb Reality channel can be found on this website.

What tricks you can learn here?

This channel is best when it comes to tutorials for card sleights, card tricks, magic pranks, street magic, and social experiments:

  • Card Sleights and Cardistry – tutorials for useful card sleights that you can use in many card tricks
  • Magic tricks and Street Magic – street performance videos and tutorials
  • Inspiration – inspirational stories from life, magic advice, vlogs

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11. Exit707

Exit707 is a relatively small YouTube channel that contains mainly easy and self-working card magic tricks for beginners.

What is pretty unique on this channel are tutorials for ESP (Extrasensory perception) magic tricks that are rare to find on the internet.

TIP: There is also website cardtricksrevealed.com associated with this channel.

What tricks you can learn here?

This channel is best when you’re searching for easy card tricks for beginners and ESP tricks.

  • Easy Card Tricks – easy card magic tricks for beginners that requires only little practice
  • Self Working Card Tricks – totally self-working tricks anyone can do
  • ESP Experiments – extrasensory perception tricks, using ESP deck of cards

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12. A Million Card Tricks

Nathan from AMillionCardTricks is a very young card magician that was able to gain millions of views and attract people all over the world, despite his low age.

There is a good reason for that – he is very talented and he can perform and explain even more advanced card tricks.

TIP: Many tricks from this channel can be found on this website.

What tricks you can learn here?

There are pretty much only card tricks on this channel so you can learn many easy, self-working, and also advanced card magic tricks that are always explained step by step and easy to understand.

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13. Hester23BearsCH

Hester is another young magician from the United States.

His channel is focused only on card tricks so if you’re searching for card tricks to learn, this is a channel that you shouldn’t skip!

TIP: Most of the videos from this channel can be found on this website.

What tricks you can learn here?

This channel is best when it comes to card tricks and basic card sleights such as card controls or false shuffles.

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14. Rich Ferguson

Rich Ferguson and his channel are a perfect mix of amazing card tricks, magic pranks, bar bets, and social experiments.

Rich has years of practice and a ton of knowledge to share.

What tricks you can learn here?

There is an impressive amount of videos that will teach you:

  • Tricks To Do At Home – tricks with cards, rubber bands, spoons, and other everyday ordinary objects
  • Crazy Magic Pranks – some of the craziest magic pranks you have ever seen!
  • Fun Bar Bets That You’ll Always Win – learn crazy and fun bets that you’ll always win!

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15. Alex Pandrea

Alex Pandrea is the owner of The Blue Crown and House of Playing Cards – two well-known companies in the magic industry.

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He decided to start his own YouTube channel and teach the magic the right way!

What tricks you can learn here?

You can learn mainly card sleights and also easy to perform magic tricks for beginners.

He also gives you advice on how to perform magic, how to perfect your performance, or how to start as professional magician.

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16. Xavior Spade

Xavior Spade is Magician, Coach, Consultant, and also Vlogger.

His channel contains many magic tricks that you can learn for free from his step by step tutorials, vlogs, live streams, and also interviews.

What tricks you can learn here?

Xavior Spade is great at teaching magic tricks with playing cards, card techniques and you can also find a lot of inspiration in his vlogs.

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17. Pig Cake

Pic Cake is a very original YouTube channel that can teach you a lot of card tricks, close up magic tricks and you can entertain yourselves watching his reactions on magic tricks performances or fun playing cards reviews.

What tricks you can learn here?

Channel contains more than 700 videos.

You can choose from various magic tricks for beginners, impromptu card tricks, or magic reviews.

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18. MLT Magic Tricks

MLT Magic Tricks YouTube channel was founded in 2017 with the goal to teach amazing card tricks for ordinary people.

What tricks you can learn here?

MLT Magic Tricks is a great place when you search for all kinds of card magic tricks, such as easy card tricks, intermediate, and also advanced card tricks.

Most of the tricks on this channel are on the beginner / intermediate level.

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19. Huu Trung

Huu Trung is a versatile and talented magician who likes to teach interesting magic tricks of all kinds.

What tricks you can learn here?

Channel contains more than 200 videos that will teach you some of the most amazing tricks, such as:

  • Fun Magic Tricks That You Can Perform At Home – tricks that are fun to perform at home to your friends and family
  • Levitation Tricks – is levitation possible? Of course, it is possible, when you have a good teacher!
  • Visual Magic Tricks – visual penetration tricks of all kinds
  • Magic Tricks with Paper, Money, and Other Ordinary Objects – small close up tricks that will amaze your audience!

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20. Magic Orthodoxy

Magic Orthodoxy is a channel that will NOT teach you any magic tricks.

Soon or later you will want to buy some magic product, let’s say a magic trick.

Problem is that in most cases you don’t really know what you’re getting and you have to rely only on trailer video that showcases the magic trick but doesn’t really go into details about the trick, what are its positives or negatives.

For this reason, it’s good to watch some reviews online.

There are, however, not that many channels that review magic tricks…

Magic Orthodoxy is the best and possibly the biggest YouTube channel that reviews magic tricks and playing cards that you can buy in magic stores.

His videos are very informative and fun to watch.

He never reveals the secret of how the tricks are done, but rather discusses who should be interested in the tricks and if you’re really getting what the manufacturer is promising to you in the ad copy.

A great channel to watch and follow!

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Where To Find More Resources?

So, we are at the end of the list of 20 Best YouTube channels to learn magic tricks.

Exploring these channels should take you a while, but if you’re not overwhelmed yet, and if you’re still looking for more resources and inspiration, you can also check my list of 10 Best websites for learning magic tricks.


As you have seen, it’s very easy to start learning magic tricks, and you don’t even have to leave your home!

You can just watch all those tutorials on your laptop or mobile phone – anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.

Check these YouTube channels and see what’s best for you.

Don’t forget that each trick needs to be trained before showing to real people.

Train the presentation, find your own style, and what’s most important – have fun, because if you will truly enjoy what you’re doing, your audience will recognize and appreciate it.

I hope this overview will help you to become a better magician and that you’ll find a lot of inspiration for magic tricks!

I wish you good luck on your magic journey!

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