21 Best Self Working Card Tricks For Beginners Explained (with video)!

Effective card tricks don’t have to be difficult.

You don’t need to practice card sleights for hours to perform card miracles and amaze your friends, family, or co-workers.

Yes, I speak about self-working card tricks that don’t require any sleight of hand skills, any card control, or any card force.

Self-working card tricks are perfect for beginners – just grab any deck of playing cards, learn the steps, and repeat them in your performance!

1. Kings And Queens

This card trick is really mind-boggling because you invite the spectator to make several free choices and there is seemingly no way how you can influence the final ending.

Despite all circumstances, the result is exactly as you planned from the beginning!

2. Best Easy Card Trick For Beginners

This card trick is easy and does not require any sleight of hand (same as all other tricks on this list).

The spectator has a free selection of any card from the deck and when returned back, you just snap your fingers and one card turns over.

This turns out to be NOT a card that was selected by the spectator, but it will indicate precisely where the spectator’s card is in the deck!

3. Six Chances – Win The Bet every time!

Do you like bets but you don’t want to risk that you’ll lose?

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This trick is then exactly for you!

All you have to do is follow a set of easy steps that you’ll see in the tutorial video and your success is guaranteed!

4. Missing Card – Easy Self Working Card Trick

Missing Card is a very easy, yet effective card trick that, of course, does not require any sleight of hand.

Just follow a simple set of instructions to achieve this effect.

This is one of the easiest card tricks that you can learn!

5. Best Trick For Any Party!

This trick is extremely fun to perform due to a surprising ending that will make your spectators laugh!

The best trick to perform at a party or group of friends in a bar or restaurant!

If you’re performing for kids, you can change the theme of this trick so that it does not include drinks.

6. Three Card Box Monte

A simple trick to perform with the guaranteed result!

Explain the simple rules of this game to the spectator and show him what to do.

Then let everything on him – he just needs to follow the simple rules, you don’t need to touch anything, you don’t even need to look at what the spectator is doing.

Despite everything is done by the spectator, the result is exactly as you predicted and you’re of course winning!

7. Great Number Card Trick Revealed!

Here is something special to try – an easy trick with numbers!

Stunning prediction trick that is working every time – just follow the simple steps described in the tutorial video below!

8. Tripple Prediction – Easy Card Trick Tutorial

Three predictions, totally free selection of cards that are made by the spectator, and yet, all the three predictions are 100% correct!

An absolutely amazing card trick that will fool your friends and of the greatest self-working prediction card tricks for beginners!

9. Self Working Book Test Trick

Book tests are magic tricks where a magician tries to predict a word or set of words from a page and line that is “freely” selected by the spectator.

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This is a very attractive plot that always gets great reactions!

The trick that you’ll learn from the video below is very easy to do – just follow the steps!

10. Out Of This World – Mind Reading Trick

Out of this world is the classical mind-blowing mentalism/mind reading trick that is easy to perform.

There are several versions of this trick; the version you’ll learn from the video below is impromptu so it does not require any preparation.

You can perform this trick anytime, anywhere!

11. Pure Math Card Trick

Its not a secret that a lot of self-working card magic tricks are working on mathematical principles.

In most cases, this fact is not obvious; in this case, however, the spectator himself will do some math as part of the trick.

This will lead to an unexpected and astonishing ending!

12. Self Working “Abracadabra” Trick

“Abracadabra” is possibly one of the most known magic spells.

The trick you’ll learn from the video below is self-working and there is some spelling necessary for this trick.

If you’re not from an English speaking country, you can easily adjust it to your own language.

This trick can be done completely hands-off, so you don’t even need to touch the deck during the performance – everything can be done by the spectator!

13. Color Separation Card Trick

This is an amazing card trick with a surprising ending!

The trick is best to be performed to two spectators that have totally free choice of which cards they keep.

Despite the impossible conditions, the color of the cards is perfectly separated.

14. Easy Prediction Card Trick

Another amazing, easy, and practically self-working card trick!

No sleight of hands is needed, just follow the steps in the video tutorial below.

The best thing about this trick is that the playing cards can be shuffled by spectators and that you can instantly repeat it with a different ending.

15. Easiest Four Ace Card Trick

There is a number of great card tricks with four Aces.

This one is again very easy to do and therefore suitable also for beginners!

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16. Intuition Card Trick Revealed

This card trick is another demonstration of how the free decision of the spectator leads to a surprising ending.

Very easy to do but with great impact!

Follow the step by step instructions in the tutorial video, and amaze your friends today!

17. Spectator Finds All Aces!

Let the spectator or several spectators divide the deck of playing cards into four piles.

Remember that the piles were divided by spectators randomly.

But still, you’re in full control, and the ending with surprise everybody in the room!

Perfect card trick for beginners that is suitable as an opener trick.

18. Photo Prediction

This is one of my personal favorite prediction card magic tricks.

It’s extremely easy to do but very effective.

Use the photo prediction on your mobile phone for the best effect!

19. Easiest Self Working Card Trick

This is one of the first card tricks that I ever learned.

It’s so easy that it can be done by anybody, without any practice.

Learn this trick today to amaze your friends!

20. Wild Card Magic Trick

Joker is well known to be a Wild Card.

Let’s use it for performing magic!

Thanks to Joker and his magical power, you’ll be always able to find a card selected by the spectator!

21. Amazing Card Location Trick

Perfect card location trick that is completely self-working so you can learn it easily, even if you’re a complete beginner!

This trick works on mathematical principle and its best when you show it to two spectators.


So, you have seen 21 of my all-time favorite card magic tricks.

All tricks are easy to do, and in most cases, you just need to follow given sets of instructions.

I’m sure, you’ll have a lot of fun with these tricks!

If you’re interested in learning more tricks like this, I recommend you to check also websites cardtricksrevealed.com and nowordsmagic.com, or my list of 20 Best YouTube Channels for learning magic tricks and list of 10 Best websites to learn magic tricks.

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