3 Stage Levitation Magic Tricks Revealed! (With Video)

Levitation is fascinating for decades.

Is levitation possible or is it just an illusion?

There are records of people who were able to move objects with their minds or even levitate them.

Whether these records are true or not is questionable, but today I’ll reveal to you secrets to 3 popular levitation magic tricks that are often performed by magicians on the stage:

  1. Floating Ball Magic Trick
  2. Open Floating Ball Magic Trick
  3. Table Levitation Magic Trick

Three Levitation Magic Tricks Revealed

The video below will reveal the secret to all three tricks and explain the method and presentation step by step.

You can watch this single video or watch each trick in separate videos below.

1. Floating Ball Magic Trick

The floating Ball (sometimes also called “Floating Silver Sphere”) is an amazing illusion that is often performed on stage or on the TV.

It’s actually an old trick but it’s still as effective as years ago.

In order to successfully perform this trick, you need to train the coordination of both hands.

Otherwise, its a pretty simple trick to do, once you know the secret!

2. Open Floating Ball Trick

Another variation on the floating ball trick.

The main difference is that the ball is not covered by any handkerchief so the levitation takes place openly right in front of the eyes of the spectator!

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The principle behind the trick is entirely different than is the previous case.

If you want to perform this trick, make sure that you purchase high-quality invisible threads in your local magic shop.

You will get invisible threads if you decide to buy the entire trick as a package but if you plan to build this on your own, invisible threads are essential.

3. Table Levitation Magic Trick

Have you ever wondered how magicians perform table levitation magic trick?

It’s actually easier thank you probably think!

Table levitation is entertaining audiences around the world for decades.

I remember that I have seen this trick on TV as a little kid and I could not figure out how it’s done.

Well, the secret is pretty simple and this actually quite similar to the first trick with the floating ball so if you have seen the first video, it will be probably easy for you to figure out how this is done as well.

The key to this trick is to have a table that is made from very light material (polystyrene) that looks like a real table.

You also need to be careful about how you manipulate with the table when not performing the trick – you need to pretend that its a table that has a normal weight.

Learn More Magic Tricks!

You learned three cool magic tricks today.

But there are a lot more tricks you can learn online.

That’s why I prepared two lists that contains my recommendations for the best websites and YouTube channels that you can learn magic tricks from:

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I hope these lists will help you to find the best teachers that will help you to learn magic.

Final Thoughts

All tricks I showed to you are very easy once you understand the principles behind them.

If you’re into arts and crafts, I’m sure I’ll manage to make these tricks on your own.

A more convenient way is to visit a magic shop where you can order these tricks as ready-to-go packages.

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