9 Best Manifestation Meditation Techniques!

If you’re interested in actual techniques for meditation that you can use in manifesting what you want in life, you’re probably ready to take the next step and start your new life.

So much information about the law of attraction is just about the theory and not much about how to actually use it in your daily life.

While these are nice to know, it’s important to know what kind of action to take to get real results.

Otherwise, it’s just a fantasy.

There are many practical techniques when it comes to manifesting the life and things that you want.

Two of the main ones consist of creating a vision board and writing in a journal.

While these are very helpful for most people, these are external objects that you have to go to every day.

They don’t directly work with your internal being, which is the most powerful way to get results in your external life.

This is where meditation practice comes in.

Best manifestation meditation techniques are:

  1. Resting Awareness Inattention
  2. Breathing Focused Attention
  3. Object Focused Attention
  4. Noting Various Distractions
  5. Full Body Scan Awareness
  6. Reflection Through Questions
  7. Compassionate Loving Kindness
  8. Mantra Phrase Repetition
  9. Visualization Mental Process

What Is Manifestation?

The simplest explanation that you can understand is that it’s about the law of attraction.

You’ve probably already heard of it from watching “The Secret” informational movie or even reading the book it’s based on.

Many people looking to change their lives for the better, whether that’s for selfish or selfless reasons, are interested in this subject.

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It’s been widely popularized by Oprah on her television show and currently has a dedicated audience.

Foundationally, the manifestation principle is about how events, objects, and people come into your life through invisible means.

Clearly stated, your thoughts eventually become your reality. It’s like your thoughts are the seeds for your future existence, whether that’s consciously or subconsciously.

This is incredibly powerful for those that can control their thoughts.

However, it’s fairly scary for those who don’t have mastery over their thoughts.

For example, a physical manifestation can be someone entering into your life.

You could be thinking about how you can do better in your job, and suddenly you get a call for an important opportunity.

Have you ever had thoughts about someone only to get a call or message from them shortly after?

The attraction principle seeks to explain this mysterious phenomenon.

Another example is something happening early in the day that ruins the rest.

While manifestation doesn’t perfectly explain how the attraction of physical existing bodies works, that’s only because many don’t fully understand this concept.

It can’t be learned just by watching a movie or reading a few articles. It has to be studied and you need to look at your own life experiences.

The way it’s explained in modern times is actually relatively new, originally from James Allen who wrote the book “As a Man Thinketh.”

What Is Meditation?

This is an ancient practice used for a variety of different purposes for different individuals.

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The process of sitting down and seemingly doing nothing is actually quite useful for people.

It’s important to note that this isn’t just about being calm and resting.

That’s fine if you’re just taking a break and want to wind down a little bit.

However, this isn’t useful for creating a life that you want, because to do that you need to put in a focused effort.

In modern times, this practice has been scientifically studied to really get an idea about why people meditate and what the benefits are to humans.

In fact, research shows that people who meditate have more gray matter in their brains, which corresponds to increased adaptability and mental flexibility.

This is even just with doing it ten minutes a day.

There are even various devices you can get yourself to measure the effects on your brain.

How this ties into the law of attraction is simple enough to understand.

These meditative techniques allow you to better control your mind and your thoughts.

This directly relates to manifestation.

This includes awareness as well as changing your mental behaviors through regular practice and effort.

It’s not just about surrounding yourself with positive messages, it’s more about how you relate to those positive messages on a personal level.

Keep in mind that there isn’t just one type of meditation you can use.

There are different techniques you can use as well as full-blown practices that are each unique in their own way.

Also, there’s a difference between formal practice and being mindful of what you’re doing.

While both are helpful in your life, the first one is meant to help you do the second one.

Some people still think they’re basically the same, but that’s definitely not the case.

Meditation Techniques for Manifestation

There are various meditative practices you can incorporate into your life.

This will help you understand what you want as well as uncover the steps you need to take to get what you want.

Both are equally important because you need to know where to go and how to actually get there.

Try to go light on this when starting as you can get into some pretty deep aspects of your emotional and mental state.

This includes past and current trauma.

This article will go over the Buddhist or mindfulness-centric practices, which is the one that most people think about when they hear about the practice online.

There is also a Hindu-based yoga meditation practice called savasana, which is basically the relaxation pose.

Keep in mind that you can actually combine various techniques to make your own practice.

Read further below to learn about the nine different techniques you can use.

1. Resting Awareness Inattention

You’ve probably already heard about focusing on your breathing, but there is something even simpler than that.

It just involves sitting down, either on the floor or with support, and letting your thoughts flow.

While this sounds easy enough, it can actually be quite difficult when you have a lot of anxious thoughts running.

It’s important to be detached from your thoughts completely, whether positive or negative, allowing the mind to rest.

2. Breathing Focused Attention

As the name implies, all this involves is focusing all your attention on the breath.

The point of this isn’t just to see how you’re breathing, even though that’s useful, but it’s to sharpen your attention.

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This skill prevents distractions from rolling you away from whatever you were doing or thinking of.

Ideally, you should do deep belly breathing, while focusing attention wherever the breath is most prominent, such as the chest or through the nose.

3. Object Focused Attention

This is very similar to the previous one, as you just focus on one particular thing.

The main difference is the previous one will always be more neutral.

In this one, you can actually put the law of attraction to work.

Do you want a certain job, such as a graphic designer role?

Perhaps put a sketching pencil on the table and pay attention to it.

This can be anything, even just a random spot on the ground. Play around with it and see how you feel.

4. Noting Various Distractions

While trying out meditation for the first time, you’ll probably come across a lot of different distractions.

This can be anything from your thoughts to outside noises.

The easiest way to deal with this is by mentally noting them and moving back to the present moment, such as focusing on the breath.

Positive or negative thoughts can be labeled as such, and obnoxious noises can simply be noises.

The labels you assign is really up to you.

5. Full Body Scan Awareness

Are you completely unaware of your physical body while going on through your routine?

Most people are this way, robotically rushing through the day.

This technique helps with that, and give you clues about your current situation so you know where to move forward.

It’s as simple as it sounds and you just mentally go through your body with eyes closed and see how you feel.

The rate you do this is up to you and how much time or patience you have.

6. Reflection Through Questions

This technique involves going deeper to get important answers.

With eyes closed, ask yourself a question in the second person, using you instead of I, and wait for a moment.

Do you get an answer? Perhaps it’s the wrong question.

This process investigates by getting definite answers or getting closer to the truth.

Try and focus on your emotional state rather than your intellectual mind’s rationality.

Perhaps your mind is preventing manifestation.

7. Compassionate Loving Kindness

For this practice, focus on one particular being or group of people, maybe even yourself.

Then, say positive phrases about them such as “may you be well” or “may you be happy.”

You can go through several instances of this for different people.

For example, one simple practice is to first focus on yourself, then someone else, then a larger group.

This nurtures positive feelings towards yourself and others, helping with manifestation even.

8. Mantra Phrase Repetition

When it comes to manifestation, this practice one obviously helps.

Think of the previous practices as foundational, especially in dealing with distractions.

This one involves repeating a word or phrase, vocally or mentally, such as a positive affirmation or a state that you want to be in.

Some examples are “tranquility,” “discipline,” or even “I am continuously improving.”

Try using your creativity and not take yourself too seriously.

Being in a relaxed state helps you put these mantras into your subconscious, which is why breathing techniques are so helpful.

Some great benefits, depending on the phrase you use, include being calmer and having a more positive outlook.

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The second is the very foundation of the law of attraction and using it to get the life you want.

Think of this practice as moving your life forward with intention by influencing your subconscious behavior.

Besides the mindfulness skill of focused attention on the breath or your body, it’s important to focus on your big and small goals.

So many daily distractions take away one’s attention that focusing on your intention is difficult.

Resisting a plate of donuts right in front of you is difficult even when trying to lose weight.

It’s why so many people don’t have the life they want. Mantras and positive affirmations put your focus back on your intention.

9. Visualization Mental Process

This is another simple meditative technique that you can use for manifestation.

Practicing just involves imagining scenes and images with your eyes closed.

Although it’s easy enough to understand, actually practicing it is difficult for most people.

It requires more creativity than other practices, which is especially difficult while in an automatic and manipulated state that many are in.

Even so, anyone can make it work with regular practice.

One example of using this process is to visually go through an ideal daily routine.

The more specific you are in the details, the more powerful this will be in attracting you towards this routine.

However, you can also use this for investigation, such as how you feel about something.

Another example is visualizing a scene with your ideal vacation.

This includes the location, the people around you, and what you’re doing.

When thinking about the law of attraction, visualization is near the end of the manifestation process.

The more you can fully experience the scene, the closer you are to it actually happening.

This includes a full-body experience with your emotions at that moment.

It’s similar to how certain dreams can first occur during sleep and then actually happen in your waking moments.

Similarly, a restive and meditative state is dreamlike in itself.

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Having an intentional life with meditation techniques to bring out the law of attraction manifestation opens up the door for a better life.

These practices allow you to train one of the most important aspects of your being; the awareness and perception of your inner and outer worlds.

This gives you the ability to remove distractions and anything that’s in your way of a more fulfilling life.

Think of them as veils to your actual destination.

Meditation is an ancient and useful practice that’s usually associated with religion but doesn’t require any specific religious affiliation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re atheist, Christian, or any other identification.

This practice works for everyone, and more scientific research is looking into it.

Having real awareness has the benefit of letting you see the world for what it really is, which is useful in and of itself.

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