Website Improvemagic.com was created after a long time spent practicing and doing magic – both online and “offline” – mainly for friends and family, but also at weddings.

Most of the knowledge I gained over the years came from YouTube where I started my journey – that’s why I, in general, don’t share the opinion that magic shouldn’t be taught online, for free on YouTube, with exception of marketed tricks that you should really purchase to support its authors financially.

My journey did not stop at simply performing magic; I also own a small magic shop in my country, where we (me and my wife) sell mainly playing cards and also magic tricks.

Magic Tutorials

The mission of this website is to help you to improve your magic skills by sharing the best possible resources and tutorial videos, by giving you the best tips for magic products and training courses that you can purchase online, and in general sharing the knowledge from various different areas of magic.

A big part of this site is related to paranormal magic and supernatural magic, like telekinesis, telepathy, and also witchcraft, or manifestation magic.

While I’m not a practitioner of paranormal magic or witchcraft, I find this topic to be interesting and I spent a lot of time researching them – it’s my hobby that I like to read about it and I’ll share my knowledge with you in my articles.


I started with magic at the age of 23 and I have now more than 10 years of experience with performing magic to my friends, family, and also to strangers.

5 years ago we started a magic shop together with my wife.

We focus mainly on playing cards and also entry-level magic tricks.

I love playing cards, I enjoy different card designs and my playing cards collection has now over 500 decks and is still increasing.

How can you improve magic with this website?

The site is covering the following categories.

Classic Magic

Read interesting articles about classic magi and the amazing world of magicians.

Find out how basic principles in magic works, discover the history of magic, learn about magicians and their skills and passions.

Magic Tricks Revealed

In this category, I will share with you the very best tutorials that are available for free on the internet.

This handpicked material will teach you how to do various magic tricks on all skill levels – card tricks, coin tricks, rope magic tricks, levitation tricks, and much more!

Playing cards

Being a magic store owner and playing cards reseller for more than 5 years, I gained knowledge about playing cards that I want to share with you.

I will answer the most common questions and give you the very best tips and tricks on how to handle, protect, and manipulate your deck of playing cards.

I will also do reviews on some of the most popular decks of playing cards – mostly marked decks.


There are many products in the magic industry that you can purchase online.

But how to recognize a bad product and a good one?

The best way is to read an honest review from somebody who really tried the products on his own!

In my reviews, I will focus mainly on online products and online content that you can easily purchase and easily access from the comfort of your home, entry-level magic tricks, and also on playing cards, mentalism, and witchcraft online courses.


Mentalism is my favorite part of the magic.

I will explain to you how mentalism and mind-reading works and how you can learn them step by step.

Paranormal and Supernatural Magic

Paranormal and Supernatural magic is my hobby.

I like to explore information related to Witchcraft, Magick, Tarots, and other sorts of supernatural magic.

Discover this interesting world with me!

Harry Potter

I enjoy reading Harry Potter books and watching Harry Potter films.

I’ve seen the movies and I’ve read the book several times so I have in-depth knowledge about Harry Potter.

I will be more than happy to answer all your questions in my articles.

Recommended Resources

To make things a bit easier, I created lists of the best websites and best YouTube channels that you can find to learn magic tricks online:

Please check out these lists as I believe it will help you a lot on your journey.

Final words

Thank you for visiting this page and I wish you to have fun browsing this website and improving your magic!