Are Tarot Cards Demonic?

You’re probably curious whether tarot cards are demonic, especially when using them for divination is considered an occult practice that seems to be mysterious in an eerie way.

It’s almost seen as similar to the ouija board, though it’s much less associated with the dead.

Some people are just more intuitively inclined and this is just a way to transfer how they see the world onto other people, in a sort of way that others can understand.

There is a lot of mystery when it comes to various spiritual practices in the modern and materialistic world.

Throughout history, many people, particularly females, were cast out or even put to death by the authorities fearful of seemingly strange practices.

Many of these so-called witches were actually healers knowledgeable in natural medicine from various plants and other organic material.

Are Tarot Cards Demonic? Tarot cards are not demonic – they’re mass-produced in factories, just like any other products, they use regular materials and production processes so there is nothing evil or demonic in the tarot cards when you buy them. It’s your perception and belief that can make them demonic.

Tarot Cards and Readings

If you’re interested in the subject of tarot cards, simply put, it involves a deck of cards and the modern version started as a trend in parts of mid-15th century Europe.

These involved games such as French tarot, Austrian Königrufen, and Italian tarocchini.

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This was actually a card game that you can play today with a group of people, similar to other card games such as poker and even UNO.

Perhaps consider this to get familiar with the cards.

Eventually, the tarot developed into something different. It’s not until the late 18th century that they were used in divination and with people interested in the occult ideologies, though some ancient links may support this practice as well.

It seems that various forms of entertainment and fun have turned into a kind of spiritual practice in modern times.

Even the Church of Scientology was created by a science fiction author influenced by oriental culture.

The earliest known case that tarot cards used in divination and cartomancy is from a 1750 manuscript by an unknown author.

This became popular during the 1780s in Paris by none other than a Protestant pastor and a French occultist.

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This is why we now call the process today tarot card reading, from French tarot.

A deck consists of Major Arcana, or greater secrets, and Minor Arcana, or lesser secrets. This is related to ancient Egypt.

Tarot was likely introduced to Europe through the increasing trade between the East and West, particularly after the closing of the Crusades by the Roman Church, which ended in 1492.

Specifically, it seems to have come from Islamic Egypt during this time, but it has even deeper origins.

In fact, there are some links to ancient Egypt, Isreal, India, and China.

Many interested in this subject are also interested in Eastern civilization and history.

Most people not familiar with more occult spiritual practices associate tarot with playing cards used for gimmicky fun and entertainment.

While this is probably true with children that try it out, it’s not true for everyone.

As you’ll see, this subject is quite confusing as there are many misconceptions about it in today’s popular culture, particularly in the United States.

The lack of information on this has brought about a lot of superstition.

Are Tarot Cards Demonic or Not?

When it comes to demonic energy and tarot, these two subjects don’t quite mix and you’ll see why.

Many people associate demons with anything evil, immoral, and against God.

While there’s truth to this, it doesn’t encompass the full extent of all these things.

Think of it as something related to animals and animal-like behavior, including freedom without any restrictions or even guidance. In that sense, it’s not at all concerned with divination.

People believe that your energy is associated with each deck of Tarot cards you own so you should be also careful how you dispose of the cards.

The real question is, “are these evil?”

These cards aren’t evil on the surface when it comes to having or using them.

Just by themselves, they’re just in fact cards on paper or cardboard.

When used for casual interest and a little fun, they’re perfectly harmless as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Otherwise, you really need knowledge and experience in divination. In this case, it’s best to practice by yourself and see what happens.

A simple example of these being used for evil is tricking people into believing a reading while just doing it for money.

This is obviously unethical behavior. Something more sinister involves long-term relationships with people and this behavior.

Some people experience some Eastern philosophies and think they’re automatic gurus.

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When it comes down to it, this can be prevented by understanding the deeper spiritual aspects of divination.

Also, it’s important to stay in the present moment and deal with life as it is.

Worrying about the future, such as through divination, can lead to downfall.

This can be seen as a sort of demonic energy, where one is on a habitual treadmill and in one’s own kind of hell.

Additionally, the interpretation of the user plays a big part.

For example, some people interpret the knowledge of their own death in destructive ways.

Now that the question of whether this kind of occult area is immoral is dealt with, you’re probably curious as to why people might think this way.

Most of it is due to past leaders in power suppressing any kind of knowledge and information that didn’t come from them, including the church.

Since the invention of the internet, this is nearly impossible in most countries. Read further to learn about the extent of this misinformation and why it occurs.

Tarot Cards and Unknown

Many humans are fearful of what they don’t know, especially what they don’t know that’s possible in their world.

This extends to tyrannical people in power.

They don’t want anything to remove their power, so they either try to extinguish any threats or pretend they don’t exist.

Both behaviors are regretful and lead nowhere.

This includes religious leaders, political leaders, as well as their associates. A lot of knowledge has been lost this way.

Additionally, this isn’t just about book knowledge.

A lot of work has been done against intuitive understandings, particularly if they could be interpreted in a spiritual sense.

Part of this is a sort of crusade against feminine nature, where intuition and creativity have much more power over materialism and forcefulness.

Another cause is from Western understanding clashing with Eastern understanding, where intuition is more important.

A lot of anti-occultism seems to stem from this way of thinking.

In fact, it may be due to this that these practices became occult and hidden, to avoid persecution.

In the past, scientific knowledge was considered as wrong and even at times immoral.

Much knowledge was controlled by the authority of the clergy and royalty that would rather have peasants than intelligent human beings. Keep this in mind when doing any research on this subject.

Occultism and Protesting the Religious Institutions

In a way, many people today seemed to have entirely forgone traditional religion, partly due to extremist practices.

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When thinking with a logical and scientific view, it’s no wonder that many don’t want anything to do with the church. In the past, this was in the form of the Protestant Reformation movement against the Roman Catholic Church.

Today, it’s with alternative spiritual practices such as occultism and even other religions.

Some become so anti-religious and describe themselves as Satanists or devil worshipers.

While many who identify themselves in this way also practice many occult practices, including tarot, these practices aren’t explicitly related.

In that way, you’re free to explore these practices without the influence of any kind of group that you don’t believe in.

Even a Christian could explore this subject and find out what it’s all about.

If you’re exploring any kind of occult information or knowledge, try to be secretive about it until you understand yourself in a way that you can explain it.

That will give you your own formed opinion about it so you can make your own decision, rather than allowing others to tell you how to think.

This will also let you avoid crazed demon-worshipping individuals who are actually helping the institutionalized church by furthering a superstitious story.

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Some people are fearful about whether tarot cards are demonic, particularly if they’re religiously superstitious.

Whether you believe in the Bible, this is an illogical course to follow and can lead to some violence in the name of religion.

That in itself is true evil. If you’re not interested in this subject, it’s best to leave it alone, but you probably are if you’re reading this article.

The best next course of action is to investigate it yourself.

The question is, how can you find out for yourself what this all means?

You’ve already read this article and have at least some idea about it.

Perhaps you can look into ancient history and how people of that time lived.

Regardless of religious beliefs during that time, spiritual aspects were associated more with objects and spoken tales, which makes sense because books weren’t invented. in the end, it’s up to you where to go next.

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