22 Best Advanced Card Magic Tricks Revealed! (With Video)

Advanced card magic tricks are great for everybody who mastered the basic techniques and wants to move to the next level.

If you’re already experienced with card magic and if you know how to do basic card sleights, this article will teach you amazing card tricks that you can start learning today!

All tutorial videos contain clear step by step instructions that will explain to you each trick in great detail so that you’ll not miss anything!

Advanced Card Tricks Revealed Step By Step

The tricks you’ll learn in a minute are suitable for intermediate and advanced magicians.

To learn the best advanced card magic tricks you watch the master video with all tricks.

You can also watch each trick separately in the videos below where I also write a bit more about each trick.

1. Ultimate Card Production Trick

Learn how to produce cards one by one out of the thin air!

The cool part of this trick is that you can show your hands from both sides before producing another card!

A perfect trick to learn!

2. Signed Card To Pocket Magic Trick

Did you ever wonder how magicians can transport signed cards to their pockets?

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The video tutorial below will teach you to step by step how to do it!

The principle is very easy to understand but you’ll need to practice it to make it perfect.

3. Cards Production Using Scarf

This is a very effective multiple card production using a scarf.

With this trick, you don’t produce only a few cards but you can produce a quarter or even almost half of the deck from the thin air!

Requires practice but the effect is worth it!

4. Effective Card Locator Trick

Learn this cool impossible card locator trick to catch the selected card!

This trick requires no preparation so it’s completely impromptu!

Perform this trick anytime, anywhere.

5. Amazing Card Production Trick

Here is another method of producing playing cards one by one.

Very effective trick that will require some practice to master!

I recommend you to train this in front of the mirror to catch all possible issues.

6. Perfect Card Match

Imagine that you have a prediction sitting on the table.

The spectator will freely select one random card.

The selected card is matching your prediction!

7. Visual Card Change

Are you searching for a quick and visual way how to change one card for another right in front of the eyes of the spectator?

This trick is very quick so don’t even try to blink!

Another great piece to add to your magic repertoire.

8. Card Stab

Card stab effects are so cool but I feel that not many magicians perform them.

Here is a cool, impossibly looking card stab effect to learn!

What’s great about this trick is that it requires no preparation.

9. Catch The Card In The Air!

Imagine that you’re able to catch the selected card in the air!

Amazing card trick to perform on any occasion!

This is another trick that is impromptu so it does not require any setup.

10. Card To Banknote Transformation

Do you think that it’s just not possible to transform a playing card into a banknote?

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Well, this trick will prove to you the opposite!

It will require a little bit of “art and crafts” but the video will show you everything needed step by step.

11. Cut And Restored Card

Learn how to cut and restore a playing card!

Sound pretty cool, right?

The tutorial video below will teach you everything needed and takes by the hand through this amazing card magic trick.

12. Amazing Deck Production Trick

At the end of this trick, you’ll produce the entire deck of playing cards out of the thin air.

The trick has several stages, and it’s very visual!

You’ll need to make some gimmicks for this but the effect is worth it!

13. Torn And Restored Card Corner

There is a lot of variations of torn and restored corner card trick.

Although this version will require some practice, I think it’s one of the easiest versions I have ever seen!

So grab your playing cards and start practicing!

14. Four Aces Card Trick

Four Aces card tricks are very popular.

The trick you’ll learn at the moment is truly mind-boggling!

Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean…

15. Surprising Discovery

In this trick, you’ll let the spectator select a random card.

You’ll then discover it is a very surprising and effective way!

No setup needed – perform anytime, anywhere.

16. Card That Can’t Be Torn

I already showed you several versions of the torn and restored card trick.

But what if it’s not even possible to tear the card?

Another mind-boggling card trick that will leave your spectators amazed.

17. Instant Card Transformation

Here is a quick and visual way of how to change the identity of any card.

There are many applications of this clever move that you’ll learn in the video below!

Learn this today to amaze your audience!

18. Quick Card Change

Imagine that you show a card to the spectator.

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You then change it right in front of him in just one second!

This is how amazing this trick looks to the audience and you can now learn it too, thanks to a detailed step-by-step tutorial video!

19. Cards To Mouth

Here is a fun trick to perform to any audience!

First, you vanish the entire deck, and in the next moment, you produce the cards from your mouth!

A great trick to surprise your audience and make them laugh!

20. Three Cards Miracle

This trick is very interesting.

It’s a card miracle that you can perform with just three cards!

The trick requires a manipulation with just a few cards which might be challenging but I’m sure that you’ll master it if you practice enough.

21. Deal Four Aces

Forst of all, you shuffle a deck.

Then you deal down four piles to four people, including you.

All players have random cards but you end with fours Aces!

22. Torn And Restored Card

Torn And Restored card tricks are very popular.

Learn an amazing version that will fool your spectators!

Everything needed is explained in the tutorial video below.

Learn More Magic Tricks!

Now you learned 22 amazing advanced card tricks but it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you want to learn more magic tricks, check out the following lists of best websites and YouTube channels where you can learn magic:


This collection of best advanced card magic tricks is here for you and you can use it to learn the tricks anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to practice each trick before showing it to real spectators!

First, you can practice in front of the mirror and then continue with your best friends who can give you honest feedback on what to improve.

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