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Before I begin to talk about the course, I would just like to ensure that readers have a clear understanding of what Mentalism really is.

I will then go on to talk about the remarkable Master Mentalism course.

Master Mentalism

Master Mentalism Course

Mentalism explained

Mentalism is a performing art that can make the performer appear to possess unbelievable mental skills, confounding the audience as to how he does it.

Although the style of performance is akin to Magic, the two performance styles are typically not mixed in one act.

Despite a common misconception in the mind of the public, Mentalists often frown on being called magicians.

Your brain will process huge amounts of data supplied by the senses (vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste) based on previous events. For example, it sees a movement begin.

It ended the way that it has on so many previous occasions.

If you think back to that particular movement and question what happened, the brain will add in the bit it didn’t actually see and remember the complete move that it had predicted.

Mentalists are experts at taking advantage of this and other peculiarities that exist within the mind.

He uses these sorts of quirks to false implant memories in the audience who will swear that he did something, when in fact, he did something totally different.

A mentalist will have learned some simple psychological techniques manipulated to distract the audience from reality during an act.

Another skill that Mentalists develop is that of Cold Reading.

Cold Reading

You must have seen acts on television where a performer appears to tell things about the volunteer that they could not possibly know.

They suggest they are reading the minds of the volunteer or talking to a spirit.

Well, I am sorry to have to debunk this, but this is just not the case.

Typically what that person is doing is called Cold Reading.

Mediums and clairvoyants. are not scammed or manipulated.

Mentalists really object to performers who try and put over the idea that they have mental abilities or are dealing with the supernatural.

Good Mentalists make it very clear that it is just psychic entertainment and nothing more.

Famous Mentalists

In this section, just before we talk a look at the Master Mentalism course, I’ll briefly introduce you to some of the best mentalists in the world and show you examples of their work.

This will show you how effective and mind-blowing mentalism can be!

Derren Brown

This British Magician and Mentalist is becoming one of the most famous practitioners of this stage art.

His fame really kicked off with a TV special “Derren Brown: Mind Control.”

He made his Broadway debut in 2019 and has regularly performed in Vegas, together with several other TV specials.

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Remember, I mentioned in the last section how much professional Mentalists hate fakes and those who use the techniques to scam.

In his spare time, Derren Brown works very hard to expose these con artists and frauds who pretend the illusions they perform are really due to some supernatural power.

You saw how what was apparently a “Mind Reading” skill was actually a psychological illusion.

You can learn how to be a Mentalist with the Master Mentalism course.

Uri Geller

Uri Geller is a performer that generates strong feelings (either positive or negative).

He is nothing but controversial TV shows.

Uri Geller demonstrated his feats, claiming they were authentic (one reason he is controversial).

It’s clear that he was just using mentalist and misdirection techniques.

Since that, Uri Geller has still maintained a career as a Mentalist.

Yes, he upset many people, yes he can be very irritating, but he has had a significant impact on Mentalism in recent years.

David Blaine

David Blaine is known most of all as a Magician, not as a Mentalist.

In fact, he is very insistent that he is a Magician.

However, he has mastered a considerable understanding of psychology, which is a significant part of being a Mentalist.

His first TV special was called Street magic, and professionals recognize it as being totally revolutionary, as he used these Mentalist skills in the performance of his Magic tricks.


Marc Salem

Marc Salem Cold reading that depended on Body language and other non-verbal techniques.

This guy is considered to be one of the best Cold Readers in the world.

See an example of Marc’s work here:

Just imagine doing tricks like this for your friends or people you meet at parties.

Imagine what an ice breaker it is.

Why Learn Mentalism?

No matter what experience you have, what your career, and what your level of education learning, Mentalism can open so many doors for you.

It breaks down barriers and it can break the ice in meetings.

The fantastic thing is that with the right course, learning Mentalism can be so easy.

I am now going to tell you about an excellent course that can teach you Mentalism very quickly.

I am going to show you one last video that explains it all to you.

You can learn how to be a Mentalist with the fantastic course Master Mentalism Course.

What Is The Master Mentalism course?

If you are someone like me who loves Mentalism performances and wish that you could be just like the famous mentalists we have seen so far in this article, then the Master Mentalism course is just what you are The Master Mentalism course offers a simple route to learning the skills and concepts that Master Mentalists use in their performances.

Instant Access

The Master mentalism Course is a packed solid, chunk of cleverly produced information that will get you started in mentalism today.

It covers Mentalism, Magic, and elements of psychology.

It is a truly comprehensive course for aspiring mentalists.

The name on the course is Ryan Clark, but we know in reality his real name is Ryan Evans.

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He is not unknown as an author on magical matters.

The book is written by a mysterious character named only as X.

I guess he has a reputation to protect and his clients that he normally charges in the region of $1,000 much as he has.

Revealing secrets is slightly unpopular so I imagine those are his reasons for the mysterious nom-de-plume.

The authors of this book are a talented pair of individuals that understand the business well.

Because of this intimate knowledge of the subject, they have been able to split it into six subsections.

What Do You Get With The Master Mentalism Course?

In your Master mentalism course, you are going to get a course that you will use and refer to time and time again.

The unusual thing about this course is that it is enjoyable and you will love spending time understanding techniques and getting answers to “How did they do that?

Whether it be Mentalism, using mentalism in street magic, mind-reading, card tricks hypnotism, illusions, remote viewing, and even spoon bending!

It’s all in this brilliant course that you can get instant access to.

By studying this course, you are going to exude confidence, a confidence that allows you not only to shine on stage, but that also gives you confidence as you demonstrate your skills to your family, and work colleagues, not to forget that attractive young lady sitting alone by the bar.

Take this book seriously and it will have you confidently performing within just 30 days from now.

Think how much that can change your life.

Mentalism is unique in that not only is it an act that you can perform to amaze on the stage, but that also comes in handy as an ice breaker at a party, or to make yourself noticed in business meetings.

You are going to learn the insider tips that the real professionals like David Blaine, Davis Copperfield, and Derren Brown use to astound their audiences.

This is the sort of content that some other courses just miss out.

Possibly one of the most important things you will learn is what separates the performers that you enjoy so much from the “also-rans” that just go through the motions. It is all about the attitude and if you can learn that you are set!

What does a Master Mentalism course cost?

You are probably reading just how great this course is and thinking that I am going to give you some horrendous price so that you will be disappointed because you cannot afford it.

I bet you are thinking in the region of $50-$100.

Well prepared to have your mind blown once again.

If you act fast you can get this invaluable course for the crazy price of just $4.95 (no I didn’t accidentally add a decimal point)!

The course does actually only cost four dollars and ninety-five cents.

Here’s a heads up, but not only do you get this fabulous course for this ridiculously low price but when the new version that is currently in production is launched.

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They are going to give you the new version FREE!

Sorry, I am supposed to be reviewing this, not selling it.

It’s just I am so excited by this product.

It just had such an effect on me when I did the course, I just am so excited to share it.

Let’s be realistic as well.

If I am wrong, what is it going to cost you, just a mere $4.95?

Hey, they got that covered because they also give you a better than average money-back guarantee.


I really cannot believe that they feel the need to go further and offer some bonuses as well.

But hey-hum, they have.

So, with every course, you buy you are going to get the following

OVER 500 Card Tricks Exposed

You get another 483 pages of card tricks, sleights, false cuts, forces, and so on.

This is essential material which you need to know.

David Blaine Brutally Exposed

A big reveal of a trick that was performed by David Blaine on TV.

Not the old stuff that may have been available in the past.

This is really hot.

30 Days FREE ACCESS to the astounding Mesmerize Monthly

Typically, only the top clients of the VIP Coaching club get access to this material at a reduced rate of $47 for each monthly issue, but you are going to get a copy totally FREE.

The general public has to pay the full price of $97 a copy.

So this is a really special offer, and it is only available for a limited time.

Once again, I am sorry If I got a little over-enthusiastic there, telling you about this one-off deal.

Those regular readers of mine will know that I research or try everything I review and I am normally very restrained.

But if you think about this deal, I am sure you can see why I am so excited.

Anyway, back to the review now.

I had a cup of tea and I have calmed down now.


  • Unlimited access to this course
  • Instant Delivery
  • So simple to understand the content
  • Written by those that know what they are talking about
  • Lots of videos to watch, audios to hear, and interviews to enjoy.
  • No Commitment with the Money Back Guarantee for 60 days


  • I am supposed to give you some cons here, but I really cannot think of any without being really petty. The only con would have been the lack of card tricks, but then they sorted that with the extra 483 pages of card tricks they added as a bonus.

Instant Access

Final Thought

I am going to leave it here as I really cannot imagine I need to tell you any more about this course.

In all seriousness, it is the most comprehensive course of this nature that I have ever seen in my life.

Offered at a true bargain price with a full 60-day money-back guarantee, how could you possibly lose.

I bought it, and I loved it.

I am sure that you will enjoy it and appreciate it just as much as I did.

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