Best Rope Through Neck Magic Tricks Revealed! (With Video)

Rope magic tricks are great for anybody who is interested in magic and wants to entertain the audience on close-up and parlor performance.

Rope through neck magic tricks is a special segment where a performer impossibly penetrates a rope through his neck.

These tricks are very visual, happens fast, and always gets great reactions!

Rope Through Neck Magic Tricks Revealed Step By Step

The very best way how to learn rope through neck magic tricks is video.

I in general like learning magic tricks from books, but I personally find it very hard to learn rope tricks from them.

I selected 5 best rope through neck magic tricks that you can start learning today thanks to clear, step by step instructional videos!

The video below contains 5 best rope magic tricks that you can learn, and other videos contain even more tricks that you can do!

This is probably the largest collection of rope through neck magic tricks that you can find online!

Basic Rope Through Neck Tricks

The first tricks that you’ll learn are just simple and very basic versions of the rope through neck trick.

Any beginner can learn these tricks in just a few minutes!

Despite the fact that the tricks are easy to perform, it’s still very powerful and gets great reactions.

The video below contains several basic tricks that you can start learning today!

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Two Ropes Through Neck

The trick that you’ll learn from the video below looks impossible.

Imagine that you tie two ropes around your neck… and then you escape them in the next second!

This trick requires some preparation but then it’s very easy to perform.

I’m sure you’ll amaze your audience with this trick!

Ultimate Rope Escape Trick

WOW your audience with this amazing and impossible rope magic trick!

This truly ming boggling trick is not even that difficult to perform!

YOu just need to know how to tie the knot correctly.

This will require good practice but the video below will provide you everything you need.

Clean Rope Through Neck

Here is another cool rope magic trick to learn.

Although the audience must know that its just an illusion,it looks so real that they might start to believe in real magic!

Its not difficult to do so I’m confident that you’ll have no issues with learning this trick if you carefully follow step by step instructions in the video below.

Double Neck Penetration

Two ropes – one neck.

This is another version of the two ropes through neck illusion.

A great visual trick that you’ll love to perform!

Learn More Rope Magic Tricks!

If you landed on this page, it’s a good sign that you want to learn rope magic tricks.

Well, I have good news for you!

There are tons of rope magic tricks that you can learn today thanks to the instructional step by step videos like the ones you have already seen.

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The video below contains the best rope magic tricks that you can learn!

I also recommend you to visit this YouTube playlist that contains many amazing rope tricks to learn

And if it’s still not enough, make sure to check the below lists that will show you where to learn the best magic tricks online!


Rope magic tricks are a great way how to show your skills and entertain the spectators.

Make sure to practice each trick until you’re totally confident with every aspect of the trick before performing in front of a real audience.

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