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There is a lot of interest at the moment in the connection between Magicians and Demons.

Why has there been this sudden upsurge in this topic?

Generally speaking, for many years, western audiences have regarded magic tricks as “Fake.”

Not fake in a bad way, just that the unexplained wonders we see are pure illusions that someone has learned to perform.

But now, these statements are being thrown around, claiming that Demons assist certain top magicians.

Do Magicians Use Demons? The truth is that magicians DO NOT have the assistance of Demons. They never have. Magicians are skilled performers who have mastered illusions that use scientifically based principles to fool the audience’s perceptions. 

Magicians And Demons

The video on YouTube called The Truth about Demon Magicians has been viewed approximately 200.000 times and there is a lot of similar stuff out there.

The origin of these beliefs is a book published by “Manly P. Hall” in 1928. The short title of the book was The Secret Teaching of All Ages.

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One quote from this book was (paraphrased):

It is possible that a magician can come to an agreement with a demon, in which the demon will remain with him for the entirety of his life and do his wishes.

Black Magic is real and is done with the aid of the demon who is assisting the magician.

He claims that Magic is a matter of magicians making contracts with real Demons.

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Similar deals are made with other showbusiness stars.

Names of famous magicians like Dynamo, Criss Angel, Hans Klok, David Blaine, and more have been identified as magicians who work with demons by this theory’s followers.

Manly went on to say that since these demons serve the magician the whole of their earthly life, there is no requirement to invoke them each time they are needed to move objects for the magician.

Manly was financed by mother and daughter Carolyn Lloyd and Estelle Lloyd, a rich oil family.

He also sold his first book, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” for an incredible $75.

In 1920 that was the equivalent of $975 today!

During his career that stretch 70 years, he published more than 150 books and essays.

Why The Renewed Interest Now?

After a century, why is there a renewed interest in these theories now?

One man who goes by the name of Xendrius has been a major cause of this.

He runs a very popular YouTube Channel, which seeks to “Educate” on a variety of what some might call conspiracy theories.

He claims that since 2017 Google/YouTube has been censoring and de-ranking material connected with Illuminati, making it impossible for new seekers to find material.

His videos on Magic are still found in searches, but for how long?

Xendrius Videos on Magic and Demons

From these results, you can see how many people have been attracted to this topic through his videos.

  1. Demon Magicians: Episode 1 – 5,658,341 views
  2. Demon Magicians: Episode 2 – 11,374,588 views
  3. Demon Magicians: Episode 3 – Missing
  4. Demon Magicians: Episode 4 – 7,820,895 views
  5. Demon Magicians: Episode 5 – 1,270,798 views
  6. Demon Magicians: Episode 6 – 1,292,854 views
  7. Demon Magicians: Episode 7 – 2,358,483 views
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Once these videos became popular, it inspired many others to promote this idea online, creating this new upsurge in people questioning whether Magicians use Demons.

Ultimately it is all about making viral videos.

If we were to accept that Magicians used Demons to help with the most amazing tricks and that Demons attach themselves to a magician for life, then how do we account for the ability of artificial intelligence devices to perform magic tricks that cannot be explained?

Programmers at the Queen Mary University of London created artificial intelligence to perform Magic Tricks.

The computer considers both mathematical and psychological aspects of the trick and how the audience perceives it.

Are we to believe that Demons interact with artificial Intelligence and serve it the way they do human magicians?

If you have a suspicion that a magician is using demons, you can always speak to a demonologist and explain to him your concerns (but I’m afraid that a true demonologist would not want to waste his time with it).

Learn How To Do Actual Magic

Magic is not demonic and you can actually learn it.

I created lists of the best online sources that you can use to learn magic tricks:


All that has happened here is that to create viral videos and make money, certain individuals have rehashed theories from the last century discredited then and are no more valid now.

I am sure that if certain individuals had the real ability to do some of the amazing illusions, there would be a much more lucrative way of utilizing them than performing on stage.

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