Floating Table Magic Trick Revealed! (With Video)

The floating table is a mind-boggling magic trick.

If you ever seen this trick on TV or even live, you for sure wondered how this trick works.

If you’re ready to discover the secret behind this trick, continue reading.

Floating Table Magic Trick

The floating table is around for many years.

In fact, the first version of his trick appeared several hundred years ago.

This trick was used by psychics and mediums for proving their spiritual powers and it was called “Spirit Tables.”

The modern version of this trick is credited to magician Dirk Losander who modified other tricks and methods that were used to levitate small objects and applied them to create a floating table trick.

If you’re skilled in arts and crafts, you may be able to create your own version of the table levitation trick, however, a much more comfortable and more frequent option is to buy this trick in some of the magic shops.

The original version of this trick can be purchased for example at Penguin magic shop for $700.

A cheaper option might be to search for this trick on eBay or Aliexpress, but if you search for quality, I recommend to stick to the original version.

How To Do Table Levitation Trick

There are several ways how you can perform this illusion.

The secret to this trick is easier thank you might think!

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I’ll show you two ways how this illusion is done and then show you some more levitation tricks that you can learn as well thanks to detailed step by step tutorials.

Each video contains performance and then also step by step revelation of the effect.

The Original Version

The presentation of the trick is pretty straight forward – the magician has a small table that is covered by a cloth.

The table then starts magically levitate, without the magician directly touching it.

The magician can also partially uncover the cloth.

The video below will show you the presentation and then explain this trick step by step:

Spiritual Version

Here is another version of the table levitation magic trick.

It’s more suitable for the “Spiritual Seance” type of performance where the table can be surrounded by spectators.

Again, the video below will show you both presentations and then also step by step instructions on how this trick is done.

More Levitation Tricks

Levitation tricks are popular and you can see them be performed mainly by stage magicians.

Most of the tricks are easy in principle but require good practice to make them look perfect in front of the audience.

If you’re interested in learning more levitation tricks, the video below is perfect for you!

The video below will teach you how to perform the Three Best Levitation magic tricks, step by step!

One of the tricks is table levitation that you already know but the other two tricks are completely different and are related to the levitation of smaller objects.

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Where To Learn Magic Tricks Online

If you’re interested in learning magic tricks, there are many websites and YouTube channels that can help you to do so.

To make things a little bit easier, I prepared the following lists of best sites and channels for learning magic:

Final Thoughts

As you can see, making things levitate is not rocket science.

The only obstacle is getting the right props and then taking the time to practice the tricks.

Remember that magic is not anly about knowing how to perform the tricks.

It’s also about how you present the tricks.

Find your own style and make your performance unique and entertaining for your audience!

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