How Can You Tell If Someone Performed Witchcraft On You?

How can you tell if someone performed witchcraft on you?

Depending on the skills of the witch it can sometimes be quite hard to discover. However, since most modern witches are part of the Wicca Religion and their beliefs state that any bad-stuff they send to anyone else will eventually be returned threefold, it happens less than you think.

There is a lot of overlap between real witchcraft cases and medical conditions and mental health issues.

On many occasions, people think it must be witchcraft that is causing an issue when in reality it is a genuine health problem.

Conversely, some unexplained health conditions are due to witchcraft.

There are several forms of cursing that witches use.

Types Of Curse

There are many types of curse – let’s see the most common ones and then we’ll discuss how to recognize them.


Spitting is a powerful method of cursing.

Spitting on the person (which is illegal), spitting on something that belongs to them, or spitting in-front or behind them.

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The Evil Eye

Traditionally a curse used for jealousy and envy.

Designed to cause bad luck or injury.

It involves a glare that contains as much ill-content as you can muster.

Verbal Curses

A quick verbal curse is simple and works well.

Check out Casual Curses for example.

Written Curses

Very similar to verbal curses but you write the curse on a small slip of paper and hide it on or near the victim.

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A curse only needs to be a couple of words.

Long-Form Curses

These are the curses that the public most commonly thinks of when they think of curses.

They take longer to perform and often require something from the victim, like hair, toenail, or saliva (even a photo will work).

This item is called a “Taglock.”

Object Bound Curses

These curses are bound to an object and are not directed at a person.

These are frequently found at thrift stores and yard sales.

These curses are often unintentional but may have some extreme curse that has become attached to the object.

These energies affect anyone who comes into contact with or owns an object.

Now we have looked at the various types of the curse, we can move onto how to recognize you are the victim of a curse.

There are a number of ways this can be done, but I warn you, it is not always easy and you may be better consulting with a friendly witch who can assist you.

How Can You Tell If Someone Performed Witchcraft On You?

Black Magic is real but these days there are not many witches who are able and willing to perform it well.

A lot is going to depend on what type of spell has been cast.

If you believe that someone has cast a spell on you that has a health issue as a result, then first of all you should explore all medical possibilities and discount the medical reasons first.

Next, what makes you suspect that a spell has been placed on you?

Most people do not immediately jump to that conclusion when something happens.

Has somebody told you about a curse that has been placed on you?

If you have been told this, even if no such curse exists, if you believe it does, then you may start to manifest symptoms of the curse or somehow trigger the event yourself.

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Then there is the possibility that you are creating the symptoms of the curse in your own subconscious because you believe there is a curse.

It’s a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Another matter to consider if several people all have bad things happen, and they all have upset the same person, then there may be something to consider.

At the very least it is an added reason to suspect you are all cursed by the same person.

Tracey, another practicing Witch, suggests the following factors may be present if you have been cursed.

  1. Unexplained curdling of your dairy products
  2. Slight smell of sulfur
  3. Bad dreams or sleep paralysis
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Frailty, and/or lethargy

She also suggests consulting a witch, spiritualist, or even a priest.

Athena Wallander, who runs the online Magick store and someone who has practiced magic for over 28 years, and is an initiated Mamishie in West African Vodou has her own suggestions.

She suggests that if things are going downhill rapidly, there are bad vibrations that have not previously existed, in the house or within you, then you may be the victim of a curse.

She suggests that Uncrossing Magick Baths can resolve the problem.

Curse Removal Services

Curse Removal Services are also available online from various practitioners.

One such service is August Lageman Ph.D. a professional Lightworker and Shaman who will charge you around $60 for an initial consultation and house clearing.

Many other services exist if you just Google “Curse Removal Services.”

Preventing Curses

Of course, it is far better to prevent anyone from placing a curse on you than worrying about how to tell if they have already done so.

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There are ways to protect yourselves from spells, and these include

A Preventative Spell

Write the person’s name down on the paper, put the person’s name in the cauldron, and burn it.

As the paper burns, you should recite the following…

 “Goddess of protection hear my plea, Keep this person away from me. When they are near, they will feel pure pain. The close they are the stronger the pain. Goddess of protection hears my plea.”

Repeat this as many times as you want and when the paper has burned just throw the ashes outside.

Counter Measures

There is also a number of countermeasures that you can take to prevent the curse and bad energy.


You should wash the floor of your house or workplace using salt and water.

You should also place salt in the four corners of your home.

Water and salt are excellent for removing negative energy.

Lamp with Neem oil

A lamp with Neem Oil that burns for at least two hours every day for a month will keep bad energy out of your house.

Learning Witchcraft

If you’re interested in learning Witchcraft, you have a unique opportunity to follow an online course.

It was made with beginners in mind so even those who were never involved in Witchcraft before will learn everything from the scratch.

If you’re interested in learning Witchcraft, this is a great course to follow!

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Final Thoughts

This information in this article relates to most types of Magick, including Black Magic and Vodou.

Remember, if you still have doubts talk to a professional and get their advice.

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