How Tall Is Harry Potter In The Books And Movies?

If you’re interested in how tall Harry Potter is throughout the series, there’s not an easy and clear answer.

It gets particularly confusing because of the two different main series from the books and the movies, which deviants slightly in some details.

However, everything remains consistent throughout each book and movie to make a cohesive story.

How tall is Harry Potter? Harry Potter was less than five feet tall in the first two books. He was then growing steadily till he reached six feet and two inches in adult age. Harry Potter’s Height in the Movies was below the height in the books and Daniel Radcliffe was five feet and five inches tall in the last movie.

Harry Potter’s Height in the Books

The height of the young and aspiring sorcerer is very similar to that of other boys his age throughout the series.

Initially, he was less than five feet tall in the first two books.

After that, he had a bit of a growth spurt between the second and third books, The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

This led up to grow just over five feet.

From here, he continued to have had a steady growth of one inch in each book during his school year.

It wasn’t until the final book, The Deathly Hollows, that he finally reached a height of over six feet.

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This was due to a slight growth spurt between the sixth and seventh books, and it continued throughout the whole final book.

As an adult, he became six feet and two inches.

That’s above average in England and many other countries, but not by too much.

Harry Potter’s Height in the Movies

It turns out that the young wizard is actually a bit shorter in the movies than in the books.

This is because Daniel Radcliffe is shorter, not because of any stylistic or narrative decision on the part of the producers and directors.

As a boy, Daniel was the perfect candidate to play the main role in the series throughout all eight movies.

Likely, the audience wouldn’t realize how tall he was, especially when various scene perspectives could make him seem taller.

As it happens, the relative heights of all the other characters are very similar when compared to the books and the movies.

That keeps just about everything consistent even with some changes.

It appears that the growth was fairly consistent throughout each movie, starting only a bit shorter when compared to the first book.

When the actor became an adult and during the final movie, Daniel Radcliffe attained a height of five feet and five inches.

It’s quite a bit lower than average in more northern countries such as England, but it’s not too far below the global average.

Heights of the Other Characters

Let’s quickly check how tall were also other main characters in Harry Potter.

Hermione Granger

While not being very tall for a female, she’s also not exactly short either.

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She’s at least five feet and five inches and probably not much bigger than five feet and seven inches.

This makes her a bit above average in height, and she’s definitely a bit taller than most of the female characters in the story.

This is also in-line with the height of the actor, Emma Watson.

Ron Weasley

Harry’s best friend is actually quite a bit taller than the main character, especially during the first book.

This was before the growth spurt that brought the two a bit closer together in height.

Originally, he turned out to be quite a tall adult to at least six feet and three inches.

The actor is a bit shorter at around five feet and eight inches.

Even still, he’s about three inches bigger than the main character in both cases.

Hagrid the Heavyweight

Besides Dumbledore, this is one of the tallest main characters throughout the original story.

After all, he is a half-giant.

This makes him quite close to nine feet, and perhaps even bigger than that!

While that’s great when writing a story, it’s a different situation when trying to get an actor that tall.

While the actor portrays Hagrid as one of the biggest characters, in actuality he’s about as tall as the actor who plays Dumbledore.


That sums up just about everything you need to know about how tall Harry Potter is and how that relates to the heights of the other characters.

The fact that some of the characters are a little shorter in the movies than the books is simply due to the logistics.

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Actors are usually a bit shorter than most people and only look fairly tall in film.

In any case, the chosen actors were perfect for the roles, making it a minor detail overall.

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