How To Detect Black Magic In House

Everyone occasionally experiences misfortunes and bad luck. It is just part of everyday life.

Indeed it would be remarkable for anyone to get through life without experiencing this.

Most people shrug off whatever bad luck may befall them and get on with their life.

However, when people start to associate these random events with one another, certain individuals may consider whether Black Magic is the cause.

When individuals have suffered a “string of bad luck,” how they respond will depend on their personality.

Some people will accept that they have had a long spell of unfortunate events and consider themselves very unlucky.

Others, those with underlying feelings that people are out to get them, will dwell on this and may well choose to explain the series of events by attributing it to “Black Magic.”

What is Black Magic?

Black Magic is generally the name used to describe supernatural powers or magic evilly and negatively.

If we think of magic generally, it is divided into two streams.

The left-hand stream is benevolent magic typically used for positive purposes, while the right-hand stream is a negative and malevolent form.

The practitioner of Black Magic will typically use it for selfish purposes against another individual.

The belief in Black Magic is carried forward through the generations from a time when tragic events and naturally occurring disasters, like the crop failing, or a disease, were beyond the understanding of the common folk who needed to have a reason why it had happened.

A simple solution was to say that a particular individual was to blame because of some curse or hex they had invoked.

Frequently cases of mental health issues were blamed on curses issued by outsiders.

The individual who, by nature, has to have a reason for some set of coincidences is likely to be one who is willing to believe in Black Magic.

Because they believe in Black Magic, they are most likely to be the ones reporting this supernatural event.

It is a kind of self-selection. If you do not believe in Black Magic, you will not accept it as a reality, so your mind will dismiss whatever is happening as some coincidence or is due to some rational cause.

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Of course, when we have two individuals talking about a similar circumstance, one blames Black Magic, and the other blames bad luck.

Your personal views will decide your view on which one is disillusioned with the existence of Black Magic.

For this article, we will assume a belief in something called Black Magic.

Historic Protection of Houses from Witchcraft

Our ancestors were very aware of the possibility that their house may be subject to attack by witches, and they had special marks placed in/on their houses to protect them.

The organization “Historic England” has recently begun a major study into these marks, which have been found on many properties from 1500 to 1750.

These symbols are called “Apotropaic Marks” and are created in many designs.

One such mark is called “The Daisy Wheel.” This mark is made up of a single line that looks somewhat like a flower.

The idea was that this single line design would confuse and trap evil spirits.

Other designs would be Pentangles and Solomon’s knots.

Two places where they have found these marks are Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon and The Queen’s House in the Tower of London.

So how do we know if our house is affected by Black Magic?

How To Detect Black Magic In House

A modern witch has stated that the following are some clues that there may be Black Magic at work in your house:

  • The Occupant of the property constantly has mood swings
  • Unexplained low energy/tiredness
  • Nightmares that typically include being chased by horrific creatures
  • You feel reluctant to worship at whatever temple or church you would normally attend (if any).
  • An extreme attraction to sex, drugs, and alcohol.
  • Fighting with family for no explainable reason
  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Sudden extreme weight loss or gain
  • Clouded or negative thoughts

If these symptoms exist, they may, of course, have a purely medical reason, but if having explored them with a qualified physician, they still exist, then exploring the Black Magic idea could be worthwhile.

With our modern advances in medicine, a much greater chance that a medical problem will be discovered today, whereas in years gone by with only a fundamental understanding of physical and mental illness, considering demonic possession would have happened much earlier point.

Other “disturbances” in a house not connected with the human body, such as voices in other empty room of items moving, maybe a sign of a poltergeist, but can also be an indication of black magic, so we cannot assume that Black Magic indications are solely due to undiagnosed medical conditions.

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We may think that this is all very much in the past, but there is evidence that there is a growing belief in Black Magic and Witchcraft, which is being connected with child abuse in Britain.

Cases of Child abuse based on faith and beliefs have grown by around one-third in the last year.

This means that social workers are dealing with 38 new cases every week.

These cases include cases of abuse under the guise of witchcraft, demonic possession, and Black Magic!

High profile cases such as Victoria Climbié (aged 8), Khyra Ishaq (aged 7), and Kristy Bamu (aged 15) are just the tip of the iceberg,

Police stated that while not all witches go on to abuse children, a belief that evil spirits can possess children and that rebelliousness, nightmares, or unexplained illness is evidence of possession.

Attempts to remove these spirits can often lead to abuse and even death.

Sometimes it is nothing to do with the child directly, and the child is used as a scapegoat for financial difficulties, infidelity, or death.

Removing Black Magic from a House

Having explored the different facets of Black Magic that can infect a house and some of the terrible consequences resulting, we will now turn our attention to how such evil can be removed.

Most of what I have discussed in this article so far has been viewed from a western perspective.

Still, in today’s world, we have to understand that we live in multicultural societies, and belief in Black Magic may be expressed from various cultural and religious perspectives.

For example, in the last section, where I talked about child abuse resulting from belief in Evil Spirits, one of the areas of the UK with the greatest number of cases in Bradford, where there is a high concentration of Islamic people living.

So we have to understand that while belief in spirits and Black Magic is common to all groups within society, the methods of removing it from a house may vary from culture to culture.

I will not go through several ways how you can remove black magic or curse from your house.

Method 1 – Stop Believing In Black Magic

This will sound very cynical, but many people will respond that you should stop believing in it to nullify a curse.

If you do not believe in Black Magic, then it cannot harm you.

It is the act of believing that does the damage, and you actually create the reality of the curse through your own belief.

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Method 2 – Prayer

If you are a Christian or believer in some other religion, then simply a prayer to your chosen diety will almost certainly be enough.

If you do not feel comfortable with that, seek guidance from your religious leader and ask them to pray for you.

Every Catholic Diocese has or is supposed to have a specialist in this.

Method 3 – Curse Removal Service

If you believe that you have been cursed, then if you Google curse removal, a whole host of individuals will be found who offer to remove your curse (at a price, of course).

Some may think that this is just a classic con.

If you believe in the curse and believe in the cure, it will work.

However, you could save yourself some money by trying other methods first.

Method 4 – Burning Salt

Old Witchcraft states that burning salt greatly annoys evil spirits and will successfully remove a curse.

Light a fire and sprinkle some salt into the fire while thinking of removing the curse.

Method 5 (Islam)

If you are a member of the Islamic Faith, then the Prophet (PBUH), you should read chapters 113 and 114 of Allaah’s book.

You should also perform good-deeds and stay away from anything that incurs the curse of Allaah.

Using White Magic Against Black Magic

Another way how to fight against Black magic or prevent it before it even happening is by White magic.

If you’re new to this, there is an online training that will teach you everything you need.

This training is focused on Witchcraft in general, and preventive and protection spells are of course part of it.

So I highly recommend checking this course if this is something you’re interested in!

Witchcraft Secret Manual

Withcraft Secret Manual


Final Thoughts

We have looked at curses in this article.

We first looked at the curses’ reality.

Do they affect every one of merely those who believe in them?

Many people believe that curses only have the power that you give them.

We moved on to look at what Black Magic is, trying to set the limitations.

After a brief sojourn into hos, our ancestors tried to protect their houses from witchcraft using symbols cut into the stonework.

We looked at how it can be established that a house has Black Magic activity within it.

Then finally, we looked at how Black Magic can be countered using a variety of techniques.

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