How To Dispose Tarot Cards | How To Get Rid Of Them?

There are various myths connected with Tarot Cards and some of them are related to how Tarot cards should be disposed of after you have finished with them.

This particular topic is the subject of some debate, with Tarot readers dividing into three camps on the matter:

  • Some readers believe that the cards become imbued with some sort of power after they have been used and retain a kind of spiritual bond with the reader, this makes their disposal a serious matter.
  • Other readers do not believe that this spiritual connection is real, but, they do believe that any tool used for divination should be treated with a degree of respect when it comes to disposal.
  • Finally, the third group believes that Tarot cards have no particular significance and all the power that is released during a reader comes from the reader. The cards themselves are simply pieces of card.

Look on any relevant forum and you will see this matter mentioned, and occasionally the debate can become heated. In this article, we take a look at the subject of how to dispose of Tarot Cards and some other common myths about them.

Why Is It Important To Dispose Tarot Cards Correctly

Is there any magical power attached to a specific deck of Tarot cards or are Tarot cards evil?

Tarot cards are made in a factory, just like any other factory.

They use everyday materials like ink and glossy card.

They are then placed in boxes and sold at a store just like any other product.

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The cards do nothing where any sort of evil can be attached to a new set.

They are just inanimate objects.

At no stage do the cards undergo anything that instills either evil or love into the cards?

However, Christians have got involved and made accusations that the Tarot is a way of letting demons into your life and allows Satan to drive a wedge between the individual and Christ.

They go on to say that Jesus said not to worry about the future as God will take care of that.

Ultimately it must be the devil that is behind the spread of Tarot.

They say that in the Garden of Eden, Satan tried to give Adam and Eve hidden knowledge that he said God and hidden from them, and the Tarot is Satan making the same offer. For these Christians, the simple Tarot Deck is a tool of the Devil, despite having undergone no process to instill evil in them.

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If you believe this Christian view of the Tarot, then clearly how the cards are disposed of becomes an important issue.

Movies do not help with this perception of the Tarot as evil.

For moviemakers, Tarot is a great plot tool.

Filming scenes that involve Tarot and huge evil events make good storylines, but we have to remember they are just fiction.

Too many people let this fiction seep into their reality.

A lot of the Christian antagonism is based around one verse in Leviticus, “Do not practice divination or seek omens.”

Yes, that is very clear and people take that to mean that the Tarot is somehow evil, something to be avoided.

The trouble is that Divination means to find out the secrets about the future that are hidden from us.

As for omens, seeking the future is claiming a power that is greater than God’s.

How Should Tarot Cards be Disposed

I decided to look into the forums to see what other people’s views were about disposing of cards.

As I have previously said, the opinions seemed to be quite contradictory., even from people who claim to be readers.

I have not used people’s full names.

S.S. stated that:

Tarot Cards and Ouija Boards are used solely to contact demonic spirits. He went on to say that Jesus frowns upon fortune-telling and that using fortune teller will make your soul unclean. He thinks that you should shred the cards or better still burn them.

Clearly, S.S is a Christian, but I would love to know the exact quote he uses to say that using a fortune-teller makes the soul unclean in the eyes of God.

P.S. stated that:

To dispose of cards you should first cleanse them under full moonlight, using sage and incense sticks, while saying a divine prayer. Then once they are cleansed just give them to a friend.

Again, I would love to know where it says that you should cleanse the cards in this way, what authority stated this?

N.W. states that:

The cards contain your energy. Her method of disposing of cards is to tear them up and throw them into two different trash cans. Doing this will dissipate the energy if someone finds them.

At the risk of becoming boring, we have a different method here. It seems that even those that believe the cards contain energy cannot agree on how to dispose of cards. It seems to be a matter of making up your own methods.

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L.J.S. states:

Tarot Cards do not hold any magic. But she then goes on to say that a simple Shamanic Ceremony and then burying the cards or burning them is the best solution. It’s best to turn your back on the fire.

There seems to be a contradiction here. They either do or do not hold energy. If they don’t then surely you can just throw them in the trash. If they do then who told you how to dispose of them?

I won’t go on with this anymore.

From the quotes I have given here you can see that there is total confusion about how to dispose of Tarot Cards.

Everybody seems to have their own methods and attitudes.

Disposing of Tarot Cards, The Solution

Ultimately it comes down to you.

Do you believe that the cards have some kind of magic or spiritual quality, or are they just pieces of card?

If you believe they are just pieces of the card then you can just throw them away, give them away. or wallpaper your bathroom with them, it really does not matter about the method.

If you believe the cards have some kind of spiritual quality, then you have a problem.

There does not seem to be an official way of getting rid of them.

So you have to make up your own ritual, that seems good to you. You have seen from the comments above how other people have tackled this.

Other Myths About Tarot Cards

Not surprisingly, the myths about how to dispose of the Tarot Cards are not the only ones connected with the Tarot. There are several such myths that you will encounter.

Tarot Cards Have Nothing to do with the Devil

Tarot cards are simply a communication device.

Yes, you may try and use them to contact the devil but equally, you can use them to try and contact anyone else.

You can also use them to contact your spiritual self or foretell the future.

You Need to be Psychic to Read Tarot Cards

No, this is not true as all of us have intuition and all you need to read cards, is to listen to your own intuition.

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Sure if you are psychic it helps but if you’re not psychic, it does not stop you from reading tarot just because you do not have that gift.

Tarot Cards Predict the Future in an Accurate Way

Our future lies in our own hands and we can change our own future.

A Tarot reading is just a snapshot of one possible future that may exist. Our future may change quite often dependent on the actions we take.

Reversed Cards Mean That Something is Going to Happen

Reversed cards are where you shuffle the deck and some cards end up upside down.

This DOES NOT necessarily mean something bad is going to happen.

Experts have clarified that reversed cards do not have to mean negative outcomes, they can have a variety of interpretations.

Reading Your Own Cards Will Bring Bad Luck

Most Tarot Readers do not read for themselves, there are practical reasons for this and nothing mysterious.

It is just that there is the temptation to keep on reading the cards until you get the reading you want and then stop.

This does not lead to accurate readings.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, most of the myths connected with the Tarot, including how to dispose of unwanted Tarot Packs are simply made up by individuals.

Many of these so-called rules contradict each other and some of them demonstrate nothing more than confusion in people’s minds.

I suppose when you are dealing with the unknown, it is easy to develop rituals and ways of doing things that become so ingrained that they are raised in your eyes to a fact.

A “fact” that you share with friends and in this way a myth is born.

Most professional Tarot readers have no such beliefs, they simply see the Tarot Cards as a tool, same as Wiccans and in much the same way that a car mechanic views a spanner.

They help the Tarot reader reach their end and complete the task, that is all. It is the people on the edge of the Tarot who have an incomplete understanding that slip into these superstitions.

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