Is Mind Reading Possible? (Explained)

This question is fascinating and one that I am going to tackle in a variety of ways.

Is mind reading possible? Mind reading is possible – scientific research shows that we are all mind readers, but we used to shut off the processes in our brains that are capable of our natural ability to read minds.

We will look at Mind reading from a scientific point of view and also from the point of view of magicians and professional Mind readers and Mentalists that are using certain tricks and techniques to convince us that they are able to read our minds.

I will show you several easy tricks that you can learn today from the comfort of your home and I’ll also refer you to my all-time favorite Mind reading online course if you’re interested in learning Mind reading and Mentalism even more.

Before the end of this article, you will be able to put on a convincing demonstration that will prove your ability to your friends, coworkers, and family.

Is Mind Reading Real?

We all can read minds at the most basic level.

One train of research began with a study of Macaque monkeys in 1996 when scientists found some cells in the premotor cortex (which is the area of the brain responsible for planning movements).

The scientists noticed that these cells became active when the monkey moved. The exciting thing was that they also discovered that these cells fired up when another monkey acted.

So whether the monkey went to grab a treat or another monkey went to grab one, the response from these cells was the same. Because these cells reflected what the monkey saw in others, they named these cells “mirror neurons.”

The research was extended to humans, and they, too, were found to have these mirror neurons.

The mirror neurons allow us to see ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

Research has fine-tuned this approach, and scientists now believe we are natural mind readers that using these cells can create a model of other people’s minds within our own and can duplicate the emotions and sensations of others.

We can reproduce the range of emotions and feelings that others are experiencing. This mental connection is a very primitive mind reading, and scientists are still reaching it.

Research has also shown that there is a separate area in the brain, the mentalizing network, whose function is to predict the intentions of others.

This area works with mirror neurons. A third area of the mind called the insula, which is like a “gut-feeling.”

Analysis and uses the data collected by the two previous regions and tries to match that data with the current situation.

We can see from this that our mind is continually investigating the perceptions of others around us on a primitive level and coming to conclusions.

The trouble is that we have become used to shutting off this process, and we need to open up to this process.

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We can do this by “paying more attention to conflict and coherence.”

When our brain “feels” that things don’t add up, or there is something wrong, we should learn to let that thought process continue instead of shutting it down.

Your gut feeling may be the result of these internal processes that we are unaware of. These emotions are based on data our brain has processed.

Pay attention to changes in your body. For example, a “skipped heartbeat” or a “racing pulse.”

Give your brain permission to store this data so it can be used to predict situations and assist in reading the minds of others.

To summarize: Our body is unconsciously collecting data all the time and processing it in our brain. A mind reader is better at accessing this data than the rest of us. This process is a skill that can be honed.

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The Stage Mind Reader

The stage mind reader is someone who has trained himself to pick up these fragments of information from an individual and create “best guesses” on what the individual is thinking.

He then uses a variety of techniques to probe and bring these thoughts to the surface. It is not magic, merely a heightened perception.

To create an act, the mind reader also uses various techniques to implant ideas in the head of the individual through subliminal means.

Using “tricks,” he will also force the individual into a series of decisions that will lead to a predetermined outcome.

To summarize: Mind reading is a scientific process that allows an individual to pick up on body language and the mental methods described in the previous section and use the technique to predict possible thoughts and behavior

The Basics of Mind Reading

Here are some other techniques that are used by mind readers:


During an act, a professional will frequently ask an individual to think of a word or item and repeat it over and over again in their mind.

He knows that there is every chance that the subject will start to mouth the word silently to themselves involuntarily.

Misdirecting the subject

The mind reader will cleverly plant an idea into the mind of the subject.

This implanting is done while chatting to the subject and slipping the word frequently into the conversation.

At the same time, as the term is mentioned, the mind reader may perform a subtle movement that underlines the importance of that word.

For example, he may use the watch frequently in a conversation at the same time as looking at his watch.

Later, when asking the subject to think of an item that someone might regularly carry on the person, he will make the same action without saying the word.

Asking the right questions the right way

It is vital to get to know the subject well by asking questions. The mind reader might ask about the job, level of education, hobbies, and so on.

All of this couched in a normal conversation.

When asking questions, try to phrase it so that when they answer, it appears you already knew the answer.

Phrase the questions like, “I imagine that you are…”

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Mind Reading Tricks

I am now going to give you some examples of fundamental tricks that can be used to convince someone that you can read minds.

Do not try these until you can memorize them quickly.

You cannot afford to stumble and make it evident that you are merely following a technique. It has to flow naturally.

#1: Easy Prediction Trick

This is a very easy and also extremely effective trick because the selected volunteer is allowed to roll the dice freely several times and you eliminate cards on the table one by one, according to the numbers he rolls.

Your prediction will be always correct!

#2: Easy Card Prediction Trick

Another demonstration of psychic abilities that is easy to learn and very effective.

The volunteer has options to stop you anytime when dealing playing cards on the table.

Again, the prediction you made in advance will be correct!

#3: Extrasensory Perception demonstration

Extrasensory perception (ESP) is an exciting topic.

We have also a separate article about it if you’re interested to learn more details.

In this demonstration, you use ESP cards to prove the Extrasensory perception skills of random audience members.

One of the best ESP experiments to learn!

#4: The Grey Elephant from Denmark

This trick is one of the easiest tricks to learn. It is based around a mathematical principle, but you will try to disguise that with your pattern.

  1. Tell the subject we are going to do some mind-reading, but to get them in the right mental state, we are going to clear your mind by doing some simple arithmetic. You can use a calculator if you want. You get them worried more about the arithmetic, so they are no working out what you are doing.
  2. You tell the subject: Pick a number between 1 and 10, keep it secret
  1. Multiply that number by nine
  1. Subtract five from that number
  1. Work out the letter for that number; A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, E is 5, and so on.

 NOTE: The answer is always going to be four so we know the letter will be D. We don’t tell them that though.

  1. Think of a country that starts with that letter (don’t tell me)

 Note: There is only a couple of them so they will almost certainly think Denmark.

  1. Take the second letter of that country and think of an animal that begins with that letter (don’t tell me)

 Note: Virtually everyone will say Elephant

  1. What color is that animal usually? (don’t tell me)
  1. Now think very hard about the animal and the country while I read your mind

Since we pretty well know the answer is about 95% likely to be Denmark, Elephant, Grey. We can either dramatically announce the answer as

You are thinking of A Grey Elephant in Denmark!

 Or we can produce an envelope in which we previously placed a picture of a grey elephant with a Danish flag and the words Denmark underneath.

Now, this trick is not mind reading and is merely turning a mathematical certainty into a trick that will give the appearance of mind reading.

This example is the simplest form of deception. The mathematics will work and answer four every time with any number between one and ten.

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#5: An Opening Trick

This trick is ideal for opening your show. Make a large poster with three shapes on it, a square, a circle, and a star. Just given the laws of chance, you have a one in three chance of predicting which a volunteer would choose.

However, you are going to increase the odds. Before the show makes a card with “You will choose the triangle on one side, and You will choose the square on the other. Please place it in an envelope, remembering which way round you put the card. Tape the envelope under a chair in the audience.

When you start the show, tell the audience member in the chair that they have special abilities and you have selected them.

Bring them to the stage, with the envelope, and ask them to write down one of the shapes on a paper and to hold that paper firmly between their teeth, so it remains visible to the audience.

Do some theatrics to suggest that you are trying to read their mind and then ask them to reveal the choice they made to the audience.

Now you have three options; If they have chosen the square or triangle, you simply open the envelope the correct way up and show the audience the side of the card that has the right answer.

Make sure they do not get the chance to see the back. Replace the card in the envelope as soon as possible. Wait for the clapping to die down.

If they have chosen the star, then you show no disappointment. You act excited and say people always select the (whatever they chose), and because you did not, you have special powers that make you the perfect candidate for the first trick.

You have made no mention of the prediction until the choice has been made, and you know if you are right or wrong.

If you are right, it was a prediction; if you are wrong, then it was a way of finding someone with special powers, so nobody was the wiser.

How To Learn Mind Reading?

As you have seen in the examples above, there is a lot of tricks that you can learn and amaze your friends and family with your Mind-reading skills.

Many tricks can be found on YouTube for free but if you want to take this seriously, it’s better and more effective to subscribe to online training.

I personally perform Mentalism tricks quite often and I learn most of the knowledge and tricks from this online course.

Because I subscribed to this training on my own, I know it’s worth it – you can’t go wrong with this training and I can honestly recommend it to you.

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The tricks I have shown you are based on manipulating people so that it appears you have special powers.

As a beginner, you need to stick to this type of illusion.

Once you master the easy tricks and learn more about your natural mind-reading abilities, you can start to try more complex performances.

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