Manifestation Magic – Does It Really Work? (Review)

Manifestation, or the laws of attraction, is a process.

It appeared in the book “The Secret,” which was a top-selling book published in 2006 (this book sold over 30 million copies worldwide).

What Is Manifestation? The process of manifestation is one of importing something into your life by believing and through attraction. You desire something, and because of the strength of your desire, you can make this thought real.

In this article, I’ll explain to you exactly what manifestation is and I’ll also review Manifestation Magic – an online product that will help you tremendously with Manifestation if you’re willing to try it.

Manifestation Magic

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What Is Manifestation?

You are turning ideas into reality.

By picturing something in great detail and “believing in the reality of it,” you can create a new reality.

No, it’s not just a matter of thinking of something, snapping your fingers, and it is there.

Next, you need to ask the universe for what you want.

Very clearly and in great detail.

The process involves more than that.

You need to change your mindset and work towards making whatever it is happen.

Another way of explaining this is to act as if the desired goal or dream is already a reality.

The Law of Attraction does not necessarily get you precisely what you want in the order or timeframe you choose.

When you get a response from the Universe, it is essential to be grateful for what you have received.

Gratitude is an integral part of the process.

Faith is also an essential part of the equation.

The belief that you will receive what you have asked from the Universe.

Whatever it is you desire, a relationship, luxuries, money, or anything else.

It would help if you focused on the positive.

Focus on what you do have rather than on what you do not have, and be grateful for what you have already.

But at the same time, keep an eye open for what you have requested.

Everything connected with the Law of Attraction is positive.

You are optimistic about what you do have; you are positive about your expectation that the Universe will deliver, and you are working in a positive way to achieve your goal.

Some people find it better to write down in detail what they are trying to manifest.

Manifestation is the practical aspect of the laws of attraction.

There are 7 Laws of Attraction in total.

The laws of attraction are part of a more significant 12 laws of the Universe.

The seven laws of attraction are:

  1. The Law of Manifestation
  2. The Law of Magnetism
  3. The Law of Unwavering Desire
  4. The Law of Delicate Balance
  5. The Law of Harmony
  6. The Law of Right Action
  7. The Law of Universal Influence

How To Manifest Anything

Understanding what manifestation is can be very different from the ability to manifest things.

At first, when trying to manifest, it can be a little difficult to master, but by concentrating on it, eventually, you will master manifestation.

When you are manifesting something, you are using your thoughts and energy to make it real.

If your thoughts are consistently negative, then all you will manifest will be bad things (negative).

So when manifesting, take a look at your thoughts and feelings.

If you are feeling negative, you may start to manifest things that are not welcome.

So before you begin manifestation, it is essential to clear the mind of all those negative thoughts and bring your positivity levels up.

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There is more to manifestation than just your thoughts.

The process requires some action from you, and this is equally important.

For example, if you are looking for a promotion at work.

You cannot just try and manifest that promotion; you also need to be doing your current job well.

How to Manifest Something:

  • Step 1 – Decide what you want to manifest.
  • Step 2 – Clear out the things that stand in your way.
  • Step 3 – Visualize what you are trying to manifest.
  • Step 4 – Do what your gut tells you to help make it happen.
  • Step 5 – Be grateful for the results.

Concept Of Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic is a program that will tremendously help you with manifestation.

It’s great for beginners but also for advanced practitioners of manifestation.

Let’s take a close look at it now.

Introduction to Manifestation Magic

Over the years, I have reviewed many products, and quite possibly, this review is the most complex one that I have ever written.

The review has not turned out like I first imagined it would be.

As I write this, I am still coming to terms with my feelings about this product, so I beg you to read this review until the end.

Manifestation Magic can be very confusing when you first come across it, but my mind is becoming clearer as I write this.

When I review a product, I like to spend some time with it and look at what others have written to pick up something that I have missed.

In that way, I get to explore a lot of different ideas.

I have spent a lot of time with this product, far more than I usually do, and this is because it took me quite a while to break through the outer surface of the product and understand what it is.

When I first looked at the product, I was somewhat surprised to see references to how I could manifest a new car or manifest $10,000.

This statement seemed rather foolish on the surface, especially when the author said he had to spend at least $25,000 of his personal money to create this program.

My immediate thought was, well, “why didn’t he manifest it?

It all seemed quite silly then.

I wondered if it was perhaps, just a scam to take advantage of desperate people.

In many cases, that is where I would have left it, but someone I know had introduced Manifestation Magic to me, and I refused to believe that he could be so gullible.

I probed deeper solely because of him. I just had to understand this more.

Picking Manifestation Magic Apart

Having decided that I needed to understand the product at a deeper level, I started to consider various aspects of it as standalone items.

Perhaps by isolating each strand of Manifestation Magic, I could find the truth.

The introductory video supplied on the Manifestation Magid website is the usual sales video with a story of turning absolute disaster into success through the use of “X.”

Virtually every sales page seems to use that technique where an individual tells a story.

As I thought about this, I realized that the tone of voice used and the story of everyday problems creates empathy in the audience, in the same way, a “Mentalist” would create Empathy to win trust.

OK, I thought I would continue and pick out facts and techniques from the video and see what sense they made.

The first actual technique touched on was Cymatics.


Cymatics derives from “modal vibrational phenomena,” and Hans Jenny, a philosopher, first coined the term.

It is connected to the patterns created by vibration.

Jenny discovered that the sound of the Sanskrit chant “Om,” which Hindus and Buddhists believe is the sound of creation, actually makes a circle with a center point.

Some alternative health practitioners have researched this interest in vibration and the effect on the human body.

Even the Mayo Clinic mentioned it as a possible healing technique, although it has not been proved yet.

Manifestation Magic regards sound to be a very potent tool for healing both physically and spiritually.

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Many years ago, Shamans created specific sounds to heal the sick by creating a trance-like state.

Generals used to use the power of sound to motivate their troops and get them psyched up for battle.

Manifestation Magic sees the vibration from these sounds as an essential ingredient that reacts with the water in our bodies and generates:

  • improved health
  • a boost to creativity
  • an increase in focus
  • improved communication

In WWII, Joseph Goebbels used the frequency 440 HZ played to German citizens to reduce the likelihood of rebellion and keep them subdued.

Vibration does have an impact on us.

What may be happening is that the specific frequencies used by Manifestation Magic in the audio files are making those who use the system feel better, more attentive, more creative, and better communicators than they were before.

This effect of frequencies could well produce a greater likelihood of good things happening.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

In our continuing exploration of the scientific reasons why Manifestation Magic may work, we look at NLP.

Readers of other articles on this website will recognize how Mentalists frequently use NLP.

NLP is a way of understanding how the brain works.

It is a tool that can program results, and it is part of Manifestation Magic.

NLP allows you to change core beliefs and act in different ways.

If something is holding you back, then NLP can break those chains and enable you to move forward, changing both the way you see yourself and the issues that confront you.

Looking At Manifestation

At this point, I would like to change tack for a moment and consider what it means to manifest something.

We will concentrate on one particular kind of manifestation and see what the process might be.

Finding That Perfect Partner

Many people feel lonely, watching the world go by, and wishing they had that particular person in their life.

This longing is typically a feeling of missing something, and it is that absence on which we focus.

It is a feeling of hunger for something we have not got.

Manifestation Magic tells you to focus on what you want (not what is missing) and asks you to picture it in the utmost detail possible.

You are advised to concentrate on the detail, not just focus on I want a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You are advised to spiral down into what color hair, body shape, and so on. In the end, you have a list of specifications.

Before Manifestation Magic, many people of the opposite sex will have passed through your life as acquaintances or colleagues.

Because you had no exact list of what you were looking for, they entered your life and exited without you even considering them as potentially the person for whom you were searching.

After you have created this specification in your head, you are straight away alert when someone matching those specifications comes into your life.

You are considering them as potentially the one.

This makes you far more likely to pay attention to them than you did before.

So yes, in a way, you are manifesting a partner, simply because you are now positively seeking, not just passive.

The Actual Product

Manifestation Magic is a program that has been developed by Alexander Wilson.

He has been teaching the Laws of attraction for seven years.

Now the exciting thing I find about Alexander is that he has a Masters Degree in Psychology and has embedded many psychological principles into the program under the guise of spiritual techniques.

He is a very well informed writer on this subject, and I rather like the interchange between science and spiritual principles.

Manifestation Magic – What You Get With The Program

When you buy Manifestation Magic, you are going to get quite a few components:

  1. The compete Manifestation Magic System
  2. The complete Energy Orbiting Soundtracks
  3. The Chakra Power System
  4. The Manifestation Magic 360 Transformational System
  5. The Manifestation Magic Push Play App

Manifestation Magic

Visit Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic System

You get the wholly updated system, which includes the new harmonic entrainment pulsing.

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The Hypnosis suggestions will focus on what we know users are concerned most about Not to forget the new Quantum Freedom Technology.

Energy Orbiting Soundtracks

A set of soundtracks for your personal use

  • Twighlight Transformation
  • Daytime Wealth
  • 10 Minute Meditator (Theta audio Part 1)
  • 10 Minute Meditator (Theta audio Part 2)

The Chara Power System

Daily tracks to listen to help you remove the primary abundance blocks that drain-away your vibrations.

Remove these troublesome blocks:

  1. Fears of receiving money
  2. Disempowerment
  3. Being-unworthy concerns
  4. Doubts about your mission in life

Chakra Power System

360 Transformational System

Here is an additional 7 Energy Orbiting Tracks

Seven bonus tracks ranging from Wealth Awakening to Whispering Waves.

360 Transformation System

Push Play App

With this new app, you can access all your tracks with just a press of the button, wherever you are.

Manifestation Magic My Thoughts

I started this article with some personal thoughts on the concepts to which this product is related.

The exciting thing I discovered was that whether or not you can accept the idea of manifestation, the underlying psychological principles make this program valid to use principles of NLP to change your lifestyle.

Stage mentalists implant thoughts into the subjects of their actions that can fundamentally change the way they think.

Implants that can make them believe new realities are embedded in their very core.

Manifestation Magic is simply a way of using these principles on ourselves.

We know that vibrations and sound can prime the mind and change our state.

Particular vibrations can make us more docile and receptive; other vibrations can have the reverse effect entirely.

From the chanting of Shamans who have utilized sound for healing purposes to the modern weapons technology that has used sound as a weapon of war, we understand the effects that sound and vibration can have on us.

Of course, some of us are already aware of the concepts contained in the Laws of Attraction.

30 Million people bought the book, and it is an established technique used by many people.

People who have embraced a broader outlook on life will accept the reality of Manifestation and will appreciate this program that has taken the principles much further and deeper into the mind.

Is the Product Worthwhile?

I believe that it is an innovative product, crafted with great care.

A program that has embedded scientific research into an alternative view of the universe.

Is it magic or spiritual?

No, I do not think so.

It is no more magical than a mind reader who appears to have supernatural powers.

The mind reader only has these abilities to achieve results because he has learned how to control aspects of the mind. This program also does just that and is a credit to the author.

Does it Work?

Yes, it does work!

I am astonished that I am endorsing this product because, as I said initially in the article, the idea of manifesting money seemed so ridiculous; this was a very personal response and was how I, an individual committed to science, saw it.

However, as I became immersed in the product and began to understand that what was happening was a reprogramming of the mind and the utilization of vibrations to affect perception, I began to believe.

Is it Value for Money?

When you consider the amount of work that has gone into the program’s production, I think the current price is incredibly good value.

The fact that it is sold through ClickBank also means that buyers are fully covered by their excellent guarantee because trying it yourself is a good option.

Very few products carry the same 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee that is included with Manifestation Magic.

Manifestation Magic

Visit Manifestation Magic


Purchase the product and follow the program.

You have nothing to lose, and the program’s principles will have a positive effect on you as a person.

I am confident that this will enable you to approach life in a far more positive way, sending out good vibrations that will attract results.

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