Master Mentalism Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

If you stumbled upon this page, you’re probably looking for more information about Master Mentalism online course.

I purchased this course and I’d like to give you my honest opinion about it.

Was I happy with what I received? Is it worth your time and money?

Master Mentalism is one of the best online courses on Mentalism and Mind reading that you can get. It’s low in price and packed with great content and amazing bonuses. This course will teach you how to read minds step by step even if you’re a complete beginner.

Master Mentalism – Content

What is Master Mentalism? Master Mentalism is an online training course that will teach you the secrets of Mentalism and Mind reading.

With this course you’ll learn:

  • Mentalism
  • ​Street Magic
  • ​Mind Reading
  • ​Hypnotism
  • ​Levitation
  • ​Remote Viewing
  • ​Card Tricks
  • ​Spoon Bending
  • ​Illusions
  • and much more

I tried this course on my own and in this review, I’ll tell you exactly what I received, how happy I was with the content, and tell you if this is really worth your money or not.

Master Mentalism Course

What You Need To Know

Master Mentalism in the online type of training; that means that you’ll receive the study materials immediately after the payment.

To be more precise – you’ll receive a link to a web page where you need to login first and then you’ll have access to study material you paid for + bonuses.

Although the login page and member area work pretty slow, it gets the job done and after a little time of waiting, you’ll be able to download the training resources.

The Training Material

The main training material that you receive is 269 pages long PDF document.

E-Book is divided into the following categories:

  • Mentalism, Mindreading & Psychological illusions
  • Interviews
  • David Copperfield secrets
  • Levitation
  • Card tricks
  • Hypnosis

This is not all – you’ll also receive additional bonus content (more about bonuses later).

You can easily access it on any computer or mobile device that has Adobe Acrobat reader installed.

What I liked about this PDF is that the individual chapters are listed as hyperlinks so you can navigate to each trick and chapter just by clicking on its name.

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Let’s break down chapters of the main training material.

#1: Mentalism, Mindreading & Psychological Illusions

If you’re brand new in Mentalism, you for sure need to start from the beginning, with the easiest tricks and techniques.

The key to convincing and mind-blowing mentalism performance is the way how you present each trick.

You should be able to create the right atmosphere, tension, and direct your spectators to the place you want them to be.

That’s why the first chapter in the eBook is focused mainly on tricks and techniques that require just a little direction from you, as the Mentalist.

There is in total 31 tricks that you’ll learn in this chapter – all based on simple, yet effective techniques.

Here some example of tricks that you’ll learn in the first chapter:

  • Simple Shape Prediction
  • Remote viewing
  • Book Test
  • Spoon Bending
  • Pseudo-Hypnosis
  • … a much more…

I think this chapter is the best chapter in this book (at least for me personally).

Yes, the tricks and techniques are easy to learn but it does not mean that they are not effective.

I performed many tricks from this chapter to various audiences and the tricks had always great reactions.

#2: Interviews

The second chapter is focused on interviews with two famous magicians – David Blaine and Criss Angel.

These interviews will give you insight into the way these famous performers think and you can discover more from their background.

Definitely good for inspiration!

#3: David Copperfield secrets

David Copperfield is one of the most popular and highly paid magicians in the world today.

His illusions amazed people all around the world and you have a chance now to reveal the secrets behind them.

This chapter reveals secrets to the following tricks:

  • Making a Jumbo Jet Vanish
  • Statue of Liberty Vanish
  • Snow in The Theater
  • Floating Rose
  • Walks through The Great Wall Of China

#4: Levitation

Levitation is an interesting subject to study and it actually also part of Mentalism because you are in fact make the objects or yourself levitate with the power of your mind.

It’s a phenomenon of psychokinesis in which things, individuals, and animals are elevated into the air with no visibly physical ways and float or fly about.

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Some cases of levitation seem spontaneous, while spiritual or magical adepts are stated to be able to manage it purposely.

This chapter is divided into the following parts:

  • Study of Levitation
  • David Blaine And The Balducci Levitation
  • Floating Bill And Small Objects Levitation
  • Group Levitation Secret
  • Classic Levitation
  • All Man Levitation

If levitation is something you’re interested in, this chapter will for sure have a lot of value for you.

#5: Card Tricks

We all know playing cards.

I always like to say – you can have just one deck of playing cards in your pocket and you’re able to perform thousands of amazing card miracles.

And Mentalism is no exception!

You will learn 10 Easy Card Magic tricks in the main book but this is not all – you will also receive tutorials for several hundreds of card tricks as part of the bonus material that you’ll receive for free as part of this course.

Card tricks taught in the main section are all entry-level card tricks, the bonus book contains tricks on all levels from beginner to advanced (not only Mentalism tricks but tricks of all kinds).

I will focus on bonuses a bit later but if you’re a “card guy,” you will for sure enjoy the bonus book you will receive.

#6: Hypnosis

A basic understanding of hypnosis will significantly boost the way you present your mind-reading tricks.

Your choice of phrasing and use of body language can turn a simple deceptiveness into a mindblowing mental illusion.

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the human mind, how it works, differences between conscious and unconscious elements of the mind, and of course basics of hypnosis that can be used during your performance.

Several hundreds of pages about hypnosis are also in the bonus material.


This is not all you receive – after you log in to the member area, you’ll get access also to the number of bonuses such as:

  • Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks
  • Hypnosis For Beginners
  • Understanding Hypnosis Audio Book & Ebook
  • Hypnotize People And Other Living Things
  • Tricks In Magic: Illusions And Mental Phenomenon
  • Unannounced Extra Bonus: Bonus Tricks
  • Raw Hypnosis (Audio)
  • Keith Barry: Brain Magic Revealed
  • Other Hypnosis bonuses
  • Complete Hypnotism: Mesmerism, Mind-Reading, and Spiritualism
  • A Practical Guide To Self-Hypnosis
  • NLP eBooks (Natural language processing)
  • 30 Days Free Access to Mesmerize Monthly
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Surprisingly, most of the bonuses are not even announced on the sales page but there are hundreds and hundreds of pages in eBooks about card tricks, hypnosis, or Natural language processing.

Mesmerize Monthly

You will also receive 30 Days of Free Membership to Mesmerize Monthly.

You can cancel the subscription anytime but if you decide to stay, you will receive new magic, mentalism, mind reading, and hypnosis content every single month!

Instant Access


I described what you receive – it’s several hundred (if not thousands) pages of content related to Mentalism, Mind-Reading, and Hypnosis, and also a free month of subscription to a very interesting Monthly Mentalism program.

Yet, the whole training is offered for an extremely low price – $4.95!

If you decide to stay subscribed to the Monthly Membership program, the price will be $47/Month after the first month that you receive for free (you can of course cancel it before the first monthly fee is paid if you’re not interested in the monthly program – but I highly recommend to stay subscribed to receive more exclusive content).

Let’s hope that this is not a time-limited offer and you will be also able to get this training for this low price.

👉 Check the current price here 👈

To be honest, if you see this for $4.95, I recommend you grab it as soon as possible because this is a “No Brainer” cost for what you receive!


  • Unique content
  • High-quality study material
  • Amazing bonuses
  • Low price


  • The initial load of the Member area is a bit slow


Master Mentalism unique online course that will teach you Mind reading, Mentalism, or Hypnosis step by step, even if you’re a beginner.

The main study material is well written and easy to read, and there is also a lot of amazing bonuses.

In total there are hundreds of pages in content for you to study all that for an extremely affordable price.

I return to the content of this course again and again and I have also recommended this course to some of my students who really liked it.

If you want, you can enroll in this course HERE.

Master Mentalism

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