Tarot Reader – Salary, Job, Requirements

In this investigation, I try and establish the truth about working as a Tarot Reader.

  • What kind of income can you expect?
  • What does the job entail?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What training courses exist?

Tarot Reader Job

In truth, there does not seem to be a huge opportunity for making your interest in Tarot into a full-time occupation, but it is possible for a few individuals.

However, most people are unable to do this.

Most Tarot readers these days are working online.

Either working for themselves or through some kind of agency who try to find them, customers, in return for a commission.

These agencies may be specific to psychic-related practitioners or more general such as gig economy companies.

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While working through an agency you may found that there is a lot of emphases to keep the caller online, and the company will judge your success by the average time each customer spends with you.

This is because the Psychic company/agency earns more, the longer the customer stays connected.

They are less concerned about the quality of your work, rather than how much you earn from each contact they send you.

If Reader A is spending 40 minutes on a call, and Reader B is just spending 10 minutes then the company will send more traffic to Reader A and eventually will terminate Reader B.

This can totally stress Readers who want to provide a quality service at affordable prices.

What Kind Of Income Can You Expect?

There are two routes that you will follow if you are trying to turn your interest in Tarot into a full-time income.

The first will be as an employee/agency worker, and the second would be to start your own business.

I have put agency workers together with employees as to when working for an agency you have very little control and the agency can fire you whenever they wish.

One agency is Psychic Power Network and I have checked them out on Glassdoor


Glassdoor is a national website that provides information about different careers in the USA and how much people are earning.

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It is based on employees supplying data which they then compile. Glassdoor does have a page for Tarot Reader Salaries and the result they share is that the average basic monthly salary for a Tarot reader is $106 per month with annual bonuses of $1,000.

This is based on input from two people employed as Tarot Readers.

Both of the readers agreed that business is very slow.

Both employees were employed by PPN (Psychic Power Network).

Clearly earning $106 per month is not a replacement for a full-time job. Remember this is an average, so some readers will be earning substantially more and a whole lot more earning less than $106 per month.

This means that occasionally you will meet PPN workers earning much higher figures, but these will be a minority and possibly working excessive hours.

This article is not intended to be critical of PPN, they can only pay out what money they receive from customers, if there are too few customers then that reduces what agents can earn.

There are several large companies competing for the available business.

What Does The Job Entail?

Ultimately being a Tarot Reader involves giving readings.

I found out how one professional Tarot Card Reader spends her days.

She has been doing this job for over 20 years so we are talking about an established professional.

She charges $50 for a 30-minute session.

As an established professional she can ask more for her services, so as a newbie you will not be able to earn that much.

She learned Tarot Reading by attending readings of her own cards and by studying the small white book that comes with the cards.

She split her time in the early years, the first fifteen to be accurate, writing freelance and reading Tarot cards.

Only in the last five years has she switched to mostly Tarot work.

She does reading from her home and in a few local shops.

A basic reading will cost the client $50.

She begins each day with preparation She cleanses her workroom with Sage and a crystal infusion spray and sets up her desk with the cards crystals she needs for the day.

She says there are no typical customers and they can come from all walks of life.

Typical questions are:

  • Will I find Love?
  • Will I get a job?
  • Will I get back with my Ex?

What are the requirements?

Most careers have some sort of training to prepare the individual for work.

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There are also typically qualifications to earn that prove your skills and that you have studied the subject.

Unfortunately, there have been no real professional qualifications to earn.

This is gradually changing and organizations/businesses are beginning to offer training.

These organizations include The Tarot Readers Academy, Biddy Tarot, International Tarot Foundation, and others.

Courses are also available on Udemy and other training websites.

Unlike the Tarot reader in the last section who taught herself from the Little White book that came with the cards, people today are starting to expect a greater degree of knowledge.

It is a competitive field and properly trained readers will have an advantage.

Experience is also very important.

You cannot expect to buy your first set of cards one day and then set up as a professional Tarot Reader within a few days, weeks, or even months.

You need to practice on friends and family first before attempting to start with paying customers.

When you first start, getting paying customers will be hard, because you have no reputation.

Many customers result from referrals, and as a beginner, you will not have those.

You will need to start with lower prices to have any chance of attracting customers at first.

Training Courses for Professional Tarot Readers

Let’s take a closer look at some professional courses for tarot readers.

Tarot Readers Academy

Tarot Readers Academy offers a course of eight modules that can be undertaken at the student’s pace.

The course is suitable for beginners, those who used to read cards many years ago, and professionals who just like to study more.

The course contains lots of videos, worksheets, and hands-on exercises.

The school also has forums and hangouts where you can meet other students.

Without accreditation, the “Tarot Apprentice Course” costs $237.

The same class with accreditation is $495 (This includes some extra modules and an examination. On passing the exam you get a certificate of completion.

Biddy Tarot

Biddy tarot offers a range of courses for aspiring Tarot Readers.

The company was formed in 1999 by Brigit Esslemont.

Their website gets over 11 million visitors annually and has a vibrant community for members.

Tarot 101 Course (cost $47)

This course contains the following:

  • 10 Video Lessons
  • 10 activities (one for each lesson)
  • Downloadable PDF with resources

Master the Tarot – Card Meanings (Cost $297)

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This course contains the following

  • 7 Modules
  • Training Videos
  • Workbook for each module
  • Tarot 101 Video series
  • Bonus Meditations
  • Questions (multiple choice)
  • Certificate of completion

Read Tarot with Confidence (Cost $297)

This course contains the following

  • Series of Training Videos on Strategies and techniques
  • Workbook for Each Module
  • Bonus Mediations
  • Questions in Multiple Choice Format
  • Certificate of Completion

Tarot Certification Course (Price not given)

A course that allows students to build confidence and business credibility.

This course assists users to become a trusted Tarot Advisor.

The website claims there is a waiting list (but this may just be a marketing ploy).

Grow Your Tarot Business Online (Cost $1497)

This course is designed for Tarot readers who want to develop the business skills to progress their online Tarot Business.

The course includes:

  • Module 1 – Align with your vision
  • Module 2 – Attract Ideal Clients
  • Module 3 – Connecting with Ideal Clients
  • Module 4 – Marketing the Business Authentically
  • Module 5 – Expanding Your Offerings
  • Module 6 – Build a Sustainable Future

The course also comes with three valuable bonuses, resources to assist your business growth.

International Tarot Foundation

The foundation offers 7 different courses on various disciplines which cost around $50-$70 each.

The courses include:

  • Numerology
  • 12 Houses of Astrology
  • The Spiritual Journey of the Major Arcana
  • Want to learn the Tarot
  • Building Tarot Foundations
  • Elementally Speaking
  • Intuitive Tarot

They also offer a business course aimed at helping you build your business for $95.

The major course on offer is the Tarot Certification Course at the cost of $375.

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A tarot reading can be done also online.

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I recommend you to try it as well – it’s fun and it’s free so there is no risk!

Tarot cards


Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are work opportunities within Tarot Reading, ranging from working online for an agency (self-employed) but this will not earn much.

You can possibly set up as a Tarot reader offering readings in a local location (keep in mind disclaimers that a Tarot reader should have), or online through your own website, but this will take up to two years to build any level of business (if ever).

The biggest problem for a new reader is credibility.

This comes with lots of referrals, and/or Certification.

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