The Z. System By Molim El Barch Review – Mentalism Over Video Chat!

If you’re interested in mentalism and magic tricks that can be done over video chat, you probably already noticed a trick called “The Z. System” by Molim El Barch.

The Z. System by Molim El Barch is a Mentalism effect that is designed to be performed over a video chat. With this effect, you can turn your phone into a powerful device that can reveal spectators’ thoughts, any thought of numbers, or persons they’re thinking of.

In this review, we’ll go through what exactly you’re getting if you decide to purchase this trick, what is the content of the instructional video, and also PROS and CONS related to this product.

If you’re interested in getting the Z. System, you can get it on the official page.

About The Z. System

As the Z. System is designed to be used in online performance, let’s say over Skype or ZOOM, you’ll typically perform this trick from the comfort of your home to someone who is watching you through a webcam.

The Z. System will allow you to:

  • Reveal any number spectator is thinking of (for example his PIN code)
  • Predict, Mind read, or remote view anything
  • Mind read thought of name by drawing it
  • Reveal any famous person the spectator is thinking of
  • … and much more!

The Z. System Trailer

The trailer below will give you an overview of the effect, together with an example of some tricks that you can perform with The Z. System.

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The Z. System Review

The Z. System is an online downloadable product, so you’ll get a detailed instructional video that is 1 hour and 17 minutes long and you also get a set of pictures that you can use for one of the tricks that are taught in the video.

You’ll also need your own Android or iOS phone to make this trick work.

If you have an Android device, you’ll be able to perform this trick instantly, if you’re using an iOS device, there might be some additional cost/work necessary to make this trick work.

Quality of the Video and Instructions

Since this is purely an online product, the quality of the video and instructions are extremely important.

I’m happy to say that the video and step-by-step instructions are having very high quality and I had no issues in understanding the effect and how to perform it.

The Z. System Instructions
The Z. System instructions are clear and easy to understand

One thing that I was missing in the video was how exactly set this trick up on iOS devices.

I’m myself an Android user and I’m sure that the set up will be in principle very similar to Android, so it will be no big issue for Apple users to figure it out, but I can imagine that owners of iPhones would appreciate step by step instructions for their devices.

What Effects You’ll Learn

The video contains instructions for the following effects:

  1. Revelation Of Spectators PIN code
  2. The Cursed Pocket Watch Trick (Time Prediction Trick)
  3. How To Reveal Thought Of Person
  4. How To Predict Thought Of Name
  5. How To Predict Thought Of Celebrity
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This is of course not everything that you can do with this trick… you can predict literally anything the spectator is thinking of!

For inspiration on more tricks, you will get the name of the private Facebook group for The Z. System Owners where you can get ideas from other members or share your own ideas on what else to perform with this trick.

Pocket Watch Prediction Trick
Picture of the watch that you’ll get for one of the tricks


Pretty much every magic trick has its PROS and CONS.

What PROS and CONS are associated with The Z. System?


  • Clear instructions
  • High-quality teaching
  • Entertaining trick
  • Low price


  • iOS set up instructions could be more detailed

Video Review

Apart from this written review, I prepared also the video review for you, which you can watch below:


The Z. System by Molim El Barch is an amazing trick with almost endless possibilities.

If you’re searching for an easy mentalism effect to perform over the video conference, I can easily recommend this trick to you.

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