What Disclaimers Should A Tarot Reader Have

Every year in the USA millions of ordinary people use the services of psychics, palmists, mediums, and tarot readers; people who claim some kind of supernatural ability.

Whilst most people go along intending to have a little light-hearted fun, some take all of this really seriously and can spend thousands of dollars before they find out they have been tricked.

What disclaimers should a Tarot reader have? Tarot readers should have Legal and Ethical disclaimers that define their responsibility and relation to a person who receives a reading.

Legal Disclaimers

Psychics are not as intensely regulated as some industries but they are still liable to some legal penalties.

An example is that most jurisdictions require the Tarot Reader (or other psychic) to obtain an occupational license before they commence trade.

In some jurisdictions, the Tarot Reader will be required to obtain a license and undergo a background check.

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Because Tarot readers place themselves outside the understanding of modern science there are no minimum educational levels required.

Regulation of the industry is quite a difficult task.

Some Tarot readers and Psychics claim that they are practicing something akin to religious practice and should be treated like other religions, while yet others claim to be providing entertainment.

Many Tarot Readers will now post Legal Disclaimers in their place of business.

These disclaimers attempt to separate the advice given from any action the customer might take as a result of that advice.

With Psychic Services now being a multi-million dollar industry, there are calls for greater accountability.

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Because it is so easy for a Tarot Reader to take advantage of the beliefs of others and extract large fees, there are calls for much tighter regulation and in some jurisdictions, tighter regulations have already arrived.

Pennsylvania Example

In Pennsylvania, escorts are required to display a disclaimer that states “money is exchanged in return for time and companionship only,” and in the same way Tarot readers and other psychics are required to display a disclaimer that states “for entertainment purposes only.”

In Pennsylvania, Fortune Telling is just as illegal as prostitution.

Taking money for fortune telling, palm reading, tarot card reading or astrology is illegal in Pennsylvania (a third-degree misdemeanor) punishable by a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Other laws exist in different states and cities.

An example of one case against a fortune teller was held in Florida and psychic Gine Mary Marks pleaded guilty when prosecuted, and she was

convicted of Grand theft and organized fraud after getting more than 300,000 from one victim.

The strictest jurisdiction in the USA is Warren, Michigan where Tarot Readers would need to provide fingerprints, pay an annual license of $150, and pay for a police background check.

This level of regulation is likely to become more and more common.

Legal disclaimers are just the beginning of what Tarot Readers will be required to display and adhere to.

This may seem pretty vague because of the nature of how laws are in the USA, with so many jurisdictions having the power to regulate.

I can only show the direction things are going and it is up to the individual to get legal advice for the jurisdiction where they practice and follow any regulations.

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Since I am touching on legal matters perhaps I too should publish a disclaimer here.

If you are looking for a guide to exactly what should be covered by a Fortune Telling establishment, if you follow this link you will be taken to a 1500 word General Provisions Document for Tula County in California.

Ethic Disclaimers

What is an Ethical Tarot Reader? An ethical Tarot reader is someone who actually cares about their clients and does not just see dollar signs when a customer enters.

There are Tarot readers that prey on distressed and vulnerable people who come seeking guidance. These people promise to tell the individual:

  • The date of their death
  • How they can win the lottery
  • How to remove an evil curse

All you have to do is hand over a wad of dollar bills and they will tell you these things.

The American Tarot Association is so concerned about these scammers posing as Tarot readers that they have published their own definition and code of conduct.

This standard includes referring people to doctors, counselors, and professionals when it seems clear the client has a problem more appropriately dealt with by a professional in those fields.

They recommend a code of conduct that includes the following:

  • Leaving the Tarot Readers own prejudices and Opinions at the door
  • Encourage users to follow their inner guidance or gut feeling
  • Not to sell dodgy upsells after a reading
  • Do not tell the client what to do (e.g leave a job)

The Ethical Tarot Reader should also publish their position on the following issues and display them to the public:

  • Reading for Minors or younger people
  • Reading fo a third party
  • Any subjects you will not discuss and read
  • The way you treat your clients
  • Looking after client personal data
  • Free will and client empowerment
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Final Thoughts

Becoming a professional Tarot Reader is a big step and involves far more than just understand and building knowledge on the Tarot.

You cannot sit at the table with a book and still hope to inspire confidence in your client.

You are starting a business just like any other business and you will have to meet certain requirements depending on the jurisdiction where you live.

You must find out what requirements you will need to meet and prepare to meet them.

You will need to decide what type of Tarot reader you are going to be and establish your code of conduct and the legal disclaimer that you will display for your clients.

Once you have published this disclaimer you should ensure that it is adhered to, so that you avoid any possible claim against you.

You will need business and property insurance so that your business is covered if something goes wrong.

It would also be a wise move to join The American Tarot Association.

Read the other articles on Tarot on this website for more information.

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