What Is A Mentalist? (With Examples)

Have you heard of mentalists? Or the term mentalism?

Yes, something like that exists in this world.

A mentalist is a person that demonstrates his mind-reading and mentalism skills in front of the audience. In fact, you can say it is a part of the magic. If you are planning to learn magic online, you can learn mentalism as well.

So, what is a mentalist and mentalism? Let us find out.

What is a Mentalist?

Like magicians, the mentalist is an entertainment performer; mentalists demonstrate their ability to read minds, telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, or ability to predict the future

Mentalism is a study that helps you to understand how people think – or, at least, present yourself as somebody with supernatural mind reading and mental skills.

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Mentalists, mental magic, and mentalism are not new to this generation.

At modern times, mentalist combines his knowledge with magic to perform their art and entertain people.

An essential part of each performance is interaction with the audience and building the right mysterious atmosphere and tension.

Mentalists are skilled at reading body language, lipread, and facial expression.

They are also good with memory techniques.

Having all these skills, they can use any misconception to their advantage.

In simple words, mentalists are talented people who can use their skills in the real world and take benefits. When they are in front of their audience, they can easily manipulate them using an easy process of psychology.

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EXAMPLE: Perfect Mentalism Trick

As an example, we will use a very simple but extremely effective mentalism trick.

The mentalist states that there is one single prediction inside the box and there are also multiple pieces of paper on top of the box.

Each paper has a different color and a mentalist asks the spectator to name any of these colors.

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Despite the fact that the choice is totally free, the mentalist always predicts the selected color correctly!

This is a beautiful example of a mentalism magic trick that you can learn and perform even today – the tutorial video below will reveal the secret to you.

Perfect Mentalism Trick (explained):

What are the common tricks performed by a mentalist?

For a mentalist, their mind is their weapon. They can use it to guess words written in a paper they haven’t even seen.

Similarly, they can guess a hidden number under a paper.

They can also use lip-reading, or understanding what you are thinking with subconscious movements of your body.

Their techniques seem so natural that you may be tricked into believing that they have supernatural powers. But no, it is only professional mentalism.

Some of the most common tricks performed by mentalists are:

  • Telepathy / Mind reading
  • Telekinesis
  • Clairvoyance
  • Future prediction
  • Extrasensory perception (ESP)

Telepathy / Mind reading

Telepathy and Mind reading are part of the art performed by mentalists on stage or more often to small audiences or groups of people.

It can be divided into:

  • Cold reading (a technique with a defined set of steps used by a mentalist to convince the audience that he knows more about the person than he in knows in reality)
  • Hot reading (used often on stage when giving a psychic reading)


Telekinesis is simply any demonstration of using the mind to manipulate, influence or move physical objects.

Such effects are most often achieved by using invisible strings or magnets.


Clairvoyance is the ability to gain knowledge about the person or location through extrasensory perception.

Future prediction

Any trick that involves a prediction – we can see this often in card tricks and its possible to find very easy to perform but effective examples of how to achieve such effects, as you can see in the examples below.

EXAMPLE #1: Photo Prediction Card Trick

EXAMPLE #2: Shocking Prediction Card Trick

EXAMPLE #3: Amazing Future Prediction Trick:

Extrasensory perception

One of the popular and easy to learn mentalism techniques that can be learned quickly by anybody are so-called “ESP” (Extrasensory Perception) magic tricks/experiments.

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The only equipment you need is ESP cards, that consists of the following symbols: circle, a plus sign, wavy lines, square, and a five-pointed star:

ESP Cards used by mentalist

There are many tricks that can be performed with these cards.

The tutorial videos below will teach you one of the best and also easiest tricks that can be done with ESP cards.

Although the deck is shuffled several times and the performer gives free choice to the spectator, the outcome is under his absolute control and the final effects are stunning.

EXAMPLE #1: Amazing ESP Mental Experiment:

EXAMPLE #2: Easy ESP Experiment:

EXAMPLE #3: ESP Coins:

Science Behind Mentalism

As we have seen in the examples above, there is no rocket science behind these entry-level tricks.

But what about the other tricks that are not as easy to perform?

When a mentalist is performing mind-reading, they have to be accurate. There are four ways they can find out what you are thinking.

When the volunteer is selected for performance, they are asked to make choices. A thought is forced into his mind when he makes this choice.

Then the mentalist proceeds with his trick, asking him to select a number or a name. Here the technique is to offer the “free choice” in front of him without making it too obvious.

So, the mentalist already knows what he is going to pick before he even does it.

When a free choice is offered by mentalists, it’s often not a free choice in reality. It means that while the spectator is thinking that he has made a completely free choice, it was “forced” to him by the mentalist by carefully prepared processes or sets of questions.

Another method to find out what the volunteer is thinking is by picking up the signals he gives off naturally. Although the subject is not realizing it, he will have body language and gestures that let mentalists know what is going on.

Every person gives such signals without even knowing about it. A mentalist can use these vibes to understand the thoughts of a person.

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Sometimes when predicting a person is not possible with the above two ways, then the mentalist uses a combination of reading lips, body language, and certain other techniques.

Just for the records, the mentalist can even collect information about you before the performance. Such practices may include pickpocketing and checking your information such as star signs, birth date, etc.

Hence, when he reveals this accurately at the stage, he can showcase himself as a talented magician to his audience.

Where can you learn mentalism?

Mentalism is part of the magic.

You can learn mentalism by enrolling in a proper course, just like any subject. There are online courses available for learning mentalism.

When you search it online, you will find paid courses, free content, and certified professional courses. You always should go for the accredited course to learn mentalism correctly.

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Of course, there are many other options available out there but I found this course to be a complete package that will teach you mentalism from the scratch and bring you to the next level.

Final words

If you want to learn mentalism, you can join a class or an online course. But wherever you go, you need to make sure the institution has a good reputation and certificates for teaching mentalism.

Learning online is pretty easy these days. All you need is self-motivation – you can complete online courses comfortably, maintaining your regular schedule.

We showed you several examples of mentalism effects that you can easily learn and show to your friends or family even today.

We also suggested an online mentalism course, but there are many other online courses. You need to check out their information before enrolling and decide where you want to join.

It is up to you where you want to start. As long as they are accredited for teaching mentalism, you should be fine entering any of them.

Whatever path you choose, I wish you good luck in learning mentalism and becoming a mentalist.

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