What Is The Language That Demons Speak

Have you ever wondered what language demons use?

We often hear stories about “the demon saying this…” and “The demon saying that…”

What is the language that demons speak? Demons do not need any language to communicate with each other as they communicate telepathically. When demons speak to humans, they use Enchorian – language both demons and angels speak. Demons also understand Aramaic, Bellsybabble, and can switch to any language that the human can understand if needed.

Demon Language

An exorcist (Father Fortea) tried to answer the question.

After all, he should know.

Concerning talking with each other, he said that Demons do not need a language to speak to one another as their communication is through thought.

He did not comment on what language the demon would use to speak to a human.

Clearly, the exorcist was no help, so is there any way we can hear a demon?

Of course, in the TV series “Lucifer,” a demon called Mazikeen speaks to her therapist (didn’t you know that demons have therapists?)

Anyway, a quote from Mazikeen is:

“Kan jy vir my verstaan wat ek praat? Want ek wil saam met jou praat,”

In case you didn’t recognize it.

The phrase used is a form of Afrikaans.

So there we have it – Demons speak Afrikaans.

However, when questioned about this, Lesley-Ann Brandt, the actress who plays Mazikeen, said she decided to use Afrikaans as a tribute to her home country (South Africa).

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Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Oh yes, I guess you may be wondering what Mazikeen said.

She actually said:

Can you understand what I’m saying? Because I want to talk to you.

Not knowing what your demon is actually saying may well be a bit of a problem.

Luckily the kind folks at the website have provided a useful tool (a demonic language translator), a bit like Google Translate, for translating what demons say into English – Lingojam.com.


According to author Adam Grogitsky, in his book “Demonology,” both angels and demons speak Enchorian.

Demons also have a language called “Dimoori Sheol” (the language of the damned).

Here I have some bad news for those of you hoping to learn to speak it. Unfortunately.

Demons have sixty voices each, and angels have seventy-seven.

Humans, with their limitations, can never speak or even understand these languages.


The Bible gives several instances where Jesus talks to demons.

Now unless Jesus had mastered Enochian, and we have established the human voice cannot speak it, the demons must have understood the language that Jesus spoke.

Jesus, in his everyday speech, would have used Aramaic, so perhaps this might be a second language for demons.

Aramaic is still spoken in parts of the Middle East by over 500,000 people.

These are fairly isolated groups of Jews, Mandaeans, and a few Christians.


According to the famous author “James Joyce,” the devil follows that his demons also speak Bellsybabble.

This is the language mentioned in his “The Cat and the Devil.”

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This fictional language has been studied by linguists and is taken quite seriously.

The Vatican

We are not really making great progress in our search for the language used by demons.

Perhaps it is time to take a look at what the Vatican has to say about the language.

After all, they have the world’s largest archives on material such as this.

The first relevant fact I found was connected with a Mass that Pope Francis celebrated in which he talked openly about polite demons conversing with human souls.

The keyword here is to communicate.

Communicate means there has to be a common language in which to exchange ideas.

Maybe this supports the notion, which is frequently held, that demons can switch to any language, depending on what the human can understand.

The Vatican has revealed that the number of requests for exorcism has grown rapidly in recent years.

Currently, the number of demonic possessions was around 500,000 in Italy alone.

The recent rise in interest in Exorcism is traced back to the 19870s and the film The Exorcist.

In that movie, the demon speaks in English to the priest.

The Catholic church has said much about the movie; the Vatican has never commented about why the demons speak English.

Despite this, when carrying out Exorcisms, based on the ritual dating back to 1614, Catholic Priests will use Latin. Maybe Demons are bilingual!

It’s All In The Head

The only other option worth mentioning is that many people believe that demons exist inside the head.

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They are the personification of internal elements of ourselves.

If this is the case, then maybe no language is actually required.

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