Why Mind Reading Is The Best Superpower

I was browsing through Netflix last night, and I noticed how many movies there were on Superheros.

I started to think about their powers and wondered what the best superpower to have.

Many of these Superheros appeared way back in the 1940s before modern technology had really taken off, and their powers were mostly physical.

That’s when I had the thought about “Mind Reading” as a Superpower.

Heroes With Mind Reading Superpower

Most Superheros, apart from Batman and ironman, obtain their powers through non-human or superhuman biology, which makes it quite plausible for a Superhero to have super mental powers, including the ability to Mind read.

Think about or Mind reading Superhero – let’s call him “Mentallo.”

Can you imagine how our Superhero can fight crime?

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He will know if someone is planning a crime and can read suspects’ minds to see who is guilty.

Not having amazing fighting strength is unimportant because he can use technology to compensate. His mental power gives him a huge advantage over other Superheros.

In fact, there have already been several Superheros who could read minds.

Professor X

The founder of the X-Men, Professor Charles Xavier, is one of the most powerful figures. as a Mutant with the ability to control people, change the way events are remembered and communicate with people in distant parts of the world.

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All of this with his Mutant Mentalist abilities.

Nate Grey

Another incredibly powerful figure was Nathaniel Grey, who was created artificially by Mr. Sinister.

Nate Grey escaped from Mr. Sinister, who unwittingly had created a hugely powerful force on the world.

Nate Grey can do so much more with his mind than read the minds of others.

He can control multiple minds at once, transmit his thoughts globally to multiple people, and pull astral projections into the universe.

His abilities seemed limitless.


Very few Superheros in the DC Universe are as powerful as the Spectre.

He is a “Living Embodiment of God’s Wrath.”

This allows him to use his mind for Warping Reality, Manipulating Space (and time), project the future, and of course, is Telepathic.

With his mind, he can erase the minds of other Superheros and implant ideas into their heads.

Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onnz, aka Martian Manhunter, a member of the Justice League.

Gifted with incredible mental prowess that allows him to read minds and track other Superheros through timelines.

He can also use his mind to bend Gods and Demons to his will (how cool is that?).

Saturn Girl

Saturn Girl originates in a planet where pretty well everyone can read minds.

This planet is one of the moons of Saturn called Titan.

From the 30th century, she was a founding member of the League of Superheros (there are so many superheroes now that they need their own trade organization).

Not only is she a telepath, but apparently, she is a tenth level telepath.

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Jean Grey

Another founding member of the X-Men, Jean Grey, was one of the first five recruits.

Not only can this superhero read minds, control minds, and reprogram them, but she can do it in the blink of an eye.

Such speed means that her victims have no time even to realize what is going on.


Stryfe is the clone of fellow Superhero Cable.

He actually exceeds the power of Cable.

A very powerful telepath who was raised by Apocalypse.


Cable is a telepathic mutant from the future with the ability to read minds.

He is the son of Madelyne Pryor and Scott Summers. he traveled back from the future to exterminate the bad guys from the past.

His mind-reading superpower even exceeds the strength of Professor X.

Dr. Fate

This superhero has the greatest telepathic ability of all.

Because of the sheer strength of these powers, he can reach anywhere in the multiverse.

Oh, did I mention he is also immortal!

Emma Frost

Emma Frost was originally known as the White Queen.

Originally an enemy of the X-Men, she switched sides over time and became an ally.

A powerful telepath who had the ability to tap into the powers of others.

Superhero Website

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How To Read Minds In Reality

Mind reading is not only a great superpower but also an amazing skill to learn.

If you’re interested in learning the actual real-world Mind Reading, I found a great Mind Reading Online Course for you.

I tried it on my own and now I’m able to make people believe that I’m able to read their minds!

Mind reading is actually one of the few superpowers that you can learn in the real world.

This online course will teach you Mentalism techniques step by step, even if you’re a beginner.

If you’re interested in learning how to make people believe that you can read their minds, this is my best recommendation on how to do it.

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Final Thoughts

It seems I was not the only person interested in Mind reading superheroes.

In January 2008, William Ickes Ph. D. wrote a book entitled “Mind reading superheroes: Fiction and facts.” which you can read at ResearchGate.

It is not surprising that the brief accounts of the above superheroes, Mind Reading Is The Best Superpower.

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