How To Learn Witchcraft (Step By Step)

You’re probably curious about how to learn witchcraft if you’re mystically or spiritually inclined.

Many people prefer to forgo traditional institutionalized religious systems and instead turn to modern spiritual practices, such as modern paganism.

In this way, people are actually going back to the roots of spiritual practice when people lived with nature and other animals.

When it comes to learning about witchcraft and how to practice it, there are various steps that a beginner should take.

Try not to let the excitement of your interest in this area get in the way of true understanding.

With all the information online available on the subject, it’s easy to get lost and confused.

How To Learn Witchcraft:

  1. Understand Your Reasons About Why
  2. Find Multiple and Trustworthy Resources
  3. Fully Understand the Essential Basics
  4. Look for Online and In-Person Groups
  5. Choose a Group That Suits Your Growth
  6. Asked Experienced Practitioners Questions
  7. Teach Others What You Already Understand
  8. Practice, Practice, Practice Towards Perfect
  9. Continue Your Study Further

This article will help break things down for you in an understandable way and at the end of the article, I’ll recommend a great online source that you can use to start learning Witchcraft today!

What Is Witchcraft

Before you get into how to learn witchcraft, you must understand it first.

There are many ideas about witchcraft among different groups of people.

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It’s not really a certain group or movement of people but is instead simply a tradition of magic, spiritual practices, spells, and other such activities.

Witchcraft is actually a broad category, ranging socioculturally and culturally, and so it’s hard to define exactly with precise accuracy.

In general terms, however, one can classify it as a set of practices that incorporate aspects of spellcraft, divination, spiritual healing, alchemy, meditation, and various rituals.

These have been passed down through the ages, usually through various families and tribal groups.

This type of practice comes from ancient pagan traditions, and the traditional way to learn it is through word-of-mouth and experience.

The History of Magical Witchcraft

Some practitioners of the craft believe that what is witchcraft can also be traced back to the times of the Egyptians and the Greeks.

The ancient Greeks used astrology in their practices, while the Egyptians used the cards as a guide to divination and to help with personal development.

These are different from the modern forms of practice such as Wicca because they are more directly related to ancient civilized life, but still fairly close to the wilderness.

People also think that this system is the ancient pagan art of using the power of nature and the universe to help with spiritual healing and mysticism.

There is a sense that you have to use your intuition and be creative with how things go.

It’s a much less structured system when compared to other institutionalized systems.

Much of this is gained through experience, which is then passed down through the generations.

This was probably the first and primal start of spiritualism.

Witchcraft Community in Modern Times

The most popular form of witchcraft is Wicca.

This can be broadly defined as a set of beliefs or practices which are based around the idea that there are spirits that live amongst humans.

There is also an emphasis on a particular type of person and their role in the world.

These beliefs can sometimes be considered esoteric; however, even in this day and age, people who do not have extensive occult training still may practice some form of paganism.

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Witches believe that what is witchcraft can be practiced on an individual basis.

One’s ability to cast spells, for example, depends entirely on the individual witch, and not on their relationship or connection with any larger group.

As such, no rules are dictating how a witch should practice the craft, except for the more important ones that must be followed according to spiritual laws to have any chance at all of getting a wish granted.

Keep in mind that it’s important to be careful when socializing with different people about paganism in general.

Many people are just learning about it because they are enamored with the fantasy aspects.

Even worse, some people seek to gain power over other people in tyrannical and oppressive ways.

These kinds of people see the followers of modern paganism as easy targets that are viewed as outliers in society.

The Spiritual Nature of Witchcraft

While many people are drawn to the fantasy aspects of paganism that are displayed in fiction, many people are drawn to the foundational and spiritual aspects.

Most people need some kind of direction and guidance in life, whether that be through experience or learned teachers.

However, pagan systems allow much more freedom than what people think of traditional religion.

It allows for more exploration and the acceptance of making your own mistakes.

As you become more spiritually aware, you will begin to recognize that you have many gifts and talents.

You may have some knowledge of healing, but you may also have some talents such as writing, performing music, or drawing.

They don’t just have to be religious in nature, and they can give you the ability to benefit society as a whole.

For example, some people have a sort of creative personal practice and a separate but structured social practice.

The Esoteric Practice of Witchcraft

Witches use many different tools in the crafting of their magical practices.

One of the most common types of tools is a wand, often made of a long stick of wood.

While wands are very common, other tools are used as well: charms, talismans, pins, brooches, and even rings in a variety of colors.

These items can be made of crystal, gold, silver, wood, or any other material that is available to the user, depending on what the item actually is.

Another way in which this practice can be understood is through the use of symbols.

There are a lot of them that have been passed down throughout the ages.

For example, some symbols are used to represent animals, such as unicorns and dragons.

Also, some symbols are used that represent spirits. Sometimes, the symbols are just forms of ancient languages, such as runes or hieroglyphs, which are pictographs.

Steps on Learning Witchcraft for Beginners

Now that you understand witchcraft more than most people, you can move on to the practical steps to learning how to practice it as well as continue learning about it further.

It’s important to remember that the emphasis is on the practice and not just the learning, since true understanding comes through exploration and experience.

Try to use the wisdom of others as a guidepost regarding where you should go yourself to bring about a deeper knowledge.

Also, even though you read about the fundamental aspects of this religious system, know that it will probably take some time before you fully recognized what it all means.

Many people study this subject for years without fully comprehending the meanings of various aspects of this field.

As long as you have a general understanding of the basics, you can continue to the more practical side.

If not, feel free to re-read the beginning of the article.

Step 1 – Understand Your Reasons About Why

When it comes down to it, most people don’t take on serious projects without knowing why they want to take on such a thing.

This includes anything from switching a career, starting a business, and especially converting and adhering to an entire belief and religious system.

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If you’re just starting, this is likely a major change in your entire life.

This includes your social life, family life, and possibly even your work life.

Try not to take it lightly.

Step 2 – Find Multiple and Trustworthy Resources

It needs to be repeated that you can’t understand everything in this field after reading something once or watching a video.

Most knowledge comes through intense study of a subject and practical repetition over periods of time.

Even though there are many resources on the subject, find the authoritative ones.

Many people interested in this field read a lot, so you can probably find recommendations.

It goes without saying to research first and read the reviews.

At the end of the article, you can find my recommendation for the best online source I found!

Step 3 – Fully Understand the Essential Basics

It’s important to stress that you need to have a good foundation so you can grow further as you grow more into this way of life.

This includes going on to learn the more advanced aspects of this field, which you’re probably excited about already.

This also includes interacting with other people in a way that you understand each other.

The communication with other people in different groups is part of the excitement, not just the potential skills you can gain.

Step 4 – Look for Online and In-Person Groups

Once you think you know enough to hold a conversation in modern paganism, it’s time to go out and find other people interested in this way of life.

There are many out there, especially when it comes to online groups.

There are various forums, subreddits, and Facebook groups you can join to interact with people interested in the same things you are.

Depending on where you live, you may find various in-person communities related to this practice.

Step 5 – Choose a Group That Suits Your Growth

Not every community about witchcraft is good for beginners, and some prefer to have more experienced practitioners, especially when it comes to many in-person groups.

In that way, you have to stick with one that suits you as a beginner so you can have space to learn and grow further.

Additionally, not every group will fit with your personality and values.

If you’re reading this step-by-step guide, a community that focuses only on fantasy roleplay probably isn’t for you.

Step 6 – Asked Experienced Practitioners Questions

You’re not going to learn everything through a book or by your own experience.

Even if you do rely on these things, it’ll take too much time to reach your full potential in this area.

Many people have been studying and practicing this field for years, and you can learn from much of this.

Remember that the original practice was passed down through generations of shared knowledge and experience.

Keep in mind what you’re having trouble with or don’t understand and ask about it.

Step 7 – Teach Others What You Already Understand

Being part of the community isn’t only about finding out what you want to know, it also involves teaching others so they can understand too and the practice can be spread further throughout time and space.

As long as someone has an attentive ear, they can be receptive to what you have to say through your own experience and knowledge.

Just know that not everyone will want to hear what you have to say, especially when you’re just starting.

Step 8 – Practice, Practice, Practice Towards Perfect

When it comes to fully know and understand the art of witchcraft, you have to take action and try new things.

Whether or not you have a consistent way of doing things, you need to make space for failure so you can rely on the skills you have.

This can be repeating a new recipe or reciting a verse you recently learned.

Though repetition is a reliable way to learn most things, try to understand the deeper meaning instead of just the factual surface of things.

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Step 9 – Continue Your Study Further

Now once you have a set of resources and a community to interact with and draw upon, you have all you need to learn more about this religious system and grow over time.

Along with your own exploration and experience in this subject, these are all the things you need to be on your way throughout your entire life.

This is a life’s journey after all.

As long as you have the support and know why you’re in this, you’ll have plenty of ways to go.

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Now you understand the exact steps you need to take as a beginner to learn the art and practice of witchcraft.

There’s so much information about this field that it’s difficult to know where to start.

Even so, you’re still starting with something, at least in the knowledge that many of your ancient ancestors adhered to these practices. In that way, you already have a connection to it.

As with learning anything, once you have a structured foundation, you can add much more knowledge, insight, and experience as time goes on.

Any kind of spiritual or mystical aspect of life has a lot of information.

Some people actually dedicate their whole lives to studying these kinds of things, so don’t get overly frustrated if you’re stuck on something and don’t fully understand it.

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