Is It Possible To Learn Magic? | Its Easier Than You Think!

Magic is probably one of the very first forms of entertainment we encounter as children.

Whether it’s at a birthday party with a magician making things disappear and reappear after saying the word “peekaboo” or the fascination with the tricks with a simple deck of cards in hands.

The human mind finds magic and the illusions that come with it fascinating and instigating.

Is it possible to learn magic? Magic is not a gift that only the chosen ones are born with, it’s a skill like any other that can be learned by anyone after some hard work and practice.

Best Ways to Learn Magic

In the past, magicians would simply not share their secrets with the world and it was almost impossible to learn the tricks behind their performances.

Books and magazines were quite hard to get and also expensive and often only the students from the top magicians had access to it.

But the internet came to help at this point, and it’s now possible to learn magic with the articles, blogs, books, YouTube videos, online courses, and even professional magicians that share their technique with everyone.

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So it’s more than possible to learn and practice magic through different channels.

Go Through Some Theory First

If you’re a new magician trying to learn all the tricks to become a professional magician in the future, the first step is to read and learn as much as possible.

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Read magic books — your local library probably has tons of them and you didn’t even know — specialized websites, blogs, articles, and everything else you can find.

This theory will give you some foundation to start doing simple, small tricks with items you can find at home or at your office.

Our website is a great start!

Do Some Online Courses to Start Practicing

After reading and gathering all the possible information about the type of magical performances you’ll want to practice, it’s time to actually learn and do the jump from a complete beginner magician to an advanced magician.

There are many magic websites and courses for you to choose which one suits best for you — the great news is: most of the resources on that list are free!

But if you are still unsure about doing courses that will require some time and effort, to begin with, you can always count on YouTube to help you learn some incredible tricks. I compiled the best 20 YouTube videos to learn magic tricks.

At this point, it’s important to start building a solid foundation with basic techniques.

After feeling like you are mastering a trick, go to the next one that is a little harder.

This way you’ll be always improving your skills.

Research Well

All those YouTube videos, books, and courses sound promising and fun, but before jumping into one of them read as many as reviews you can.

Make sure that you’ll spend your time in something that attends to your expectations.

It’s better to research before than to start and lose motivation because that course or book was not what you were looking for.

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Get Opinions

This may be difficult at first but after learning your first tricks it’s important to collect opinions and feedback to see where you can improve and what you’re doing right.

So, gather a small audience of friends and family, and present them the tricks you’re most familiar and most comfortable with.

Get three or four tricks you feel like you’re good at and try to put some effort into the presentation, as this is what makes the public fascinated with the performance.

Don’t forget that a magician also has to be an actor.

Find a Magic Store

Going to a magic store can be overwhelming when you don’t know much about the tricks yet.

Some of the material and effects can be too advanced to your level, which may make you lose some of the motivation.

If you feel ready and want to take the next step and start purchasing some things to help your tricks, then go for it.

They are not too expensive and will help you in your path to becoming a pro magician.

There are many magic shops that you can visit or shop online on their websites.

One of the most known shops are:

Start Building a Community

Exchanging experiences and talking with people that are on the same path as you are important and helpful in any field, so this also applies for learning magic.

Talking to other magicians can be the perfect channel for you to show your knowledge and to learn from them.

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You can give each other more honest feedback and exchange better methods to do the tricks.

There are online magic forums, chats, and sites for you to be part of and you can also research a local magic club where you live — if you go to that magic store, then you can absolutely ask them if they know any magicians communities around.

Add Your Personality Into The Tricks

All the great magicians are known for their specific way to perform and do tricks.

It’s possible to recognize their performance because they are unique. 

So, you should also add your own personal touches and techniques into the tricks and performances.

All the learning and the available material can be the same for everyone, but if you add your personality and make your own inventive things to turn the tricks special, you’ll be on the right path to becoming a magic legend.

Practice is The Way to Perfection

All those tips above will make learning magic possible, but only one thing will make you actually learn and improve with time: practicing.

To make your moves better and invisible, you will have to practice them.

Start by doing them in front of a mirror so you can track how the movements are going.

Then, start filming yourself to see where you can improve on your acting and even facial expressions.

After feeling comfortable in the mirror and videos you can move into that small audience to see if everything is working well.

From there, you can keep learning new tricks every day and in no time you’ll be a magician.

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