What Do Magicians Say And Why? Most Popular Magician Sayings!

In this article, I have researched a huge list of magic words used by real magicians, Magickians, and famous fictional characters.

Quite often these are nonsense words or words derived from other languages.

It’s quite possibly the most comprehensive list you will find.

Overview Of Magician Sayings

We have a lot to discover so let’s start with first sayings.

1. Aajaye

A Magic word frequently used by characters in Jaye’s Magic Circus.

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2. A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches

In the famous TV show Sesame Street there was a famous magician whose tricks often went wrong.

His magic word phrase was – A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

3. Abracadabra

Perhaps the most famous magic phrase of them all, normally spoken as the trick is revealed is Abracadabra.

The word is a corruption of the Hebrew phrase Avra Kehdabra, which means I create as I speak.

The first time the phrase was used in Magic was in the second century by Serenus Sammonicus (Caesars Physician) who recommended the word be worn in an amulet, to ward off malaria.

4. Abracadabra Cadabra Cadeen

A variation of the Abracadabra word that was used by American Magician, Prof. Henry Bessette.

5. Abrahadabra

The term Abrahadabra first made its appearance in the main script of Themela religion (a precursor of Wicca).

It is a magic word used by practitioners of Magick.

6. Ajji Majji la Tarajji

This is an example of an Iranian word used in magic.

7. Alakazam

Alakazam was a psychic type of Pokémon used in the famous Japanese game in generation 1.

It was a humanoid character with a large mustache.

The character can use all kinds of psychic abilities.

The “Magic Land of Alakazam” was a TV Magic show featuring Mark Williams.

8. Aldy Bority Phostico Formio

An expression made popular by British comedy magician Ali Bongo, in an act where he was known as the Shriek of Araby. I

n his youth, he was the manager of the magic Department of the world-famous toy store Hamleys.


A Magick phrase made popular by Aleister Crowley who was one of the early Magickians in the movement that lead to Wicca.

It is a version of the word Elohim, the Hebrew word for God.

10. Are you ready??

An expression used by famous magician Chris Angell, who has chalked up more prime time TV appearances than any other magician in history.

He is also the most-watched magician on the Internet.

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11. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

This was an expression used by Cinderella’s fairy Godmother in the movie Cinderella.

Another example of a magic word or phrase used in fiction that has gone mainstream.

12. By the Power of Grayskull

This was a magic phrase used in the TV series He-Man and the Masters of the universe.

It was the phrase used by Prince Adam to transform magically into He-Man.

13. Cei-u

Johnny Thunder a fictional superhero in DC Comics.

He uses the word Cei-u to summon the Thunderbolt.

At first, he was using the word inadvertently (saying Say You) but in issue 11 he discovers the magic word and that it summoned the Thunderbolt.

14. Doo-dee-doo-dee-Doo-dee

An expression used by Wizzo the Wizard, played by magician Marshall Brodein.

The Wizard was a character on WGN TVs Bozo’s Circus and The Bozo Show from 1968 to 1994.

15. Hahcha Mahcha

A Russian Vaudeville Magician.

He toured the Vaudeville circuits for many years with his wife as a Mind Reading Act (later joined by their daughter) but as Vaudeville faded he supplemented his income as a children’s magician and used the magic words Hacha Mahcha, and Moolah Boolah.

16. Happis Crappis

A magic phrase used by Albert Levinson (stage name – Al Flosso).

Apart from being a consistently good magician, he was also a former partner with Houdini in the Ne York Magic store Martinka & Co, this store in America’s longest-running magic store.

17. Hey Presto

Another commonly known magic expression.

I remember saying this in my youth when performing magic as a child.

The phrase is used to mean “suddenly as if by magic” and its origin is the Italian Music term presto which means quick.

18. Hey, Shadow, remember who YOU are

Originally found in a movie called “the Shadow.”

It was an expression used by a Russian Scientist to magically recover his shadow.

19. Hocus Pocus

The origins of this phrase are buried deep in history.

It is suspected that the two words are of Slavic roots as Hoc means to cheat in Latin and Pocus means “to attempt” in Slovak.

Alternatively, it might be some made-up phrase in Dog Latin. However, it has been used for many years by magicians.

It actually was first used in 1635 as the title of a magic book – Hocus Pocus Junior: The Anatomie of Legerdemain.

The most up-to-date research suggests that Hocus Pocus was a stage magician of the era (possibly called William Vincent).

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It is quite probably the oldest magical phrase we know of.

20. Hocus Pocus Fishbones Chokus

This is a humorous derivation of Hocus Pocus used by Ali Bongo (see entry number 5)

21. INRI

A Hebrew translation of “Jesus Christ King of the Jews” used by the Magick organization called Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.


The word means “Themselves” and is a magic word used by Magik groups.

23. Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy

Many British people grew up with the hand puppet sooty, who also did magic tricks.

When carrying out a trick, Sooty would say “Izzy Wizzy, let’s get busy.”

One of the original hand puppets still resides in the museum of the Magic Circle in London.

Here is one example from the actual show:

24. Jantar Mantar Jadu Mantar

This is a well known magic phrase used by Indian Magicians.

25. Just Like That

One of the most well-known phrases used by British comedy magician Tommy Cooper.

He would use this catchphrase when he successfully (or more often unsuccessfully, carried out a trick).

26. Joshikazam

A derivation of Alakazam, that was used by Josh Nicols, a character from the Nickelodeon show Josh and Drake.

27. Klaatu barada nikto

The phrase originated in a movie called The Day the Earth Stood Still.

In that movie, the phrase had no magical connection, but it was used again in a spoof called Army of Darkness as a magic phrase.

28. Look, Look, look!!

A phrase used by world-famous magician David Blane.

29. Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho

This was a magical phrase used by Jambi on Pee-wees Playhouse.

30. Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse

This phrase was a magical phrase used on Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse to make the clubhouse appear.

31. Moolah Boolah

The word translates to Money excitement.

32. Not like That, Like This

Another favorite expression from the wonderful Tommy Cooper (see entry 25).

Many of his expressions really were reliant on the way he said them.

33. Now!

A straight to the point magic word used by Canadian Magician Doug Henning.

34. Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

I almost missed this one.

It is the magical phrase used by the witchdoctor in the song performed by Ross Bagdassarian in the 1958 hit “Witchdoctor.”

35. Open Sesame

In Alibaba The English version of 1001 Nights uses the magic word “Open Sesame”.

36. Presto Chango

A variation on entry number 17 – Hey presto.

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This version suggests Quick Change.

37. Schwan, kleb an!

Magic words from Ludwig Bechstein’s German fairy tale book.

38. Shazam

Billy Batson in the DC Comics series uses this magic word to turn into Captain Marvel.

39. Shemhamforash

This is a Magick word used by Satanists in Modern Satanist rituals.

40. Shimbaree, Shimbarah, Shimbaree, Shimbarah

The magic word used in Barney and the Backyard Gang and Barney & Friends.

41. Sim Sala Bim

This was a phrase used by 1940s magician “Dante the Magician”, the stage name of Harry August Jansen

42. Tada

This is an imitation of a fanfare that is used to accompany tricks reveal.

43. Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee

Taken from the Movie, Bedknobs, and Broomsticks.

The magical phrase is written on the Star of Astroth

44. Uju Buju Suck Another Juj

Another magic phrase used by British magician Ali Bongo.

45. Wallah

An English pronunciation of the French word “Voila” which means to suggest an appearance as if by magic.

46. Walla Walla Washington

A magic phrase used by Bugs Bunny in Looney Tunes.

47. Watch this Kiddo

Another phrase used by Al Flosso (see entry number 16).

Why Do Magicians Use Magic Words?

Magic words tend to be words or phrases that are easy to roll off the tongue.

They are spoken at the very moment that the trick is taking place.

Typically, there will be some flourishing or hand movements used to bring drama to the very same moment.

More traditional magicians may use a magic wand to flourish at this key moment.

Learn Magic Tricks!

Of course, before using any of these magician sayings, you need to know some magic tricks first.

I prepared detailed lists of websites and YouTube channels where you can learn magic tricks:

I believe these lists will help you greatly when learning magic tricks!

Final Thoughts

As you will see, many of the words are taken from classical languages or are completely made up.

Other magicians use them as a kind of catchphrase so that people identify them with the marvel they are witnessing.

For children’s entertainers, it may be required for the child brought up on stage to say the magic word, so in this type of activity, it is important to make the words easy to pronounce and easily memorable.

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